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The North Carolina House of Representatives is one of the two houses of the North Carolina General Assembly. The House is a 120 member body led by a Speaker of the House, who holds powers similar to those of the President pro-tem in the state senate. Joe Hackney (D-Orange) is the current Speaker.

In the 2009-2010 session (based on the results of the 2008 elections), the Democratic Party holds a 68-52 majority over the Republican Party, which is the same partisan makeup as the 2007-2008 session. In 2005-2006, the Democratic Party held a 63-57 majority.

The qualifications to be a member of the House are found in the state Constitution: "Each Representative, at the time of his election, shall be a qualified voter of the State, and shall have resided in the district for which he is chosen for one year immediately preceding his election." Elsewhere, the constitution specifies that no elected official shall be under twenty-one years of age, and that no elected officials may deny the existence of God, although the latter provision is not enforced because it violates the no religious test clause of the United States Constitution.

Prior to the Constitution of 1868, the lower house of the North Carolina Legislature was known as the North Carolina House of Commons.

Composition of the House

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 68 52 120 0
Begin 68 52 120 0
Latest voting share 56.7% 43.3%

2009-2010 Officers

Position Name Party
Speaker of the House Joe Hackney Democratic
Speaker pro tempore William L. Wainwright Democratic
Majority Leader Hugh Holliman Democratic
Majority Whips Larry M. Bell Democratic
Jean Farmer-Butterfield Democratic
Bruce Goforth Democratic
Larry Hall Democratic
Deborah K. Ross Democratic
Minority Leader Paul Stam Republican
Minority Whip Thom Tillis Republican
Deputy Minority Whips Carolyn H. Justice Republican
Fred Steen II Republican
Nelson Dollar Republican

Members of the North Carolina House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence
1 Bill Owens Democratic Elizabeth Citymarker
2 Timothy Spear Democratic Creswellmarker
3 Alice Graham Underhill Democratic New Bernmarker
4 Russell Tucker Democratic Pink Hillmarker
5 Annie Mobley Democratic Ahoskiemarker
6 Arthur Williams Democratic Washingtonmarker
7 Angela Bryant Democratic Rocky Mountmarker
8 Edith Warren Democratic Farmvillemarker
9 Marian McLawhorn Democratic Griftonmarker
10 R. Van Braxton Democratic Kinstonmarker
11 Efton Sager Republican Goldsboromarker
12 William L. Wainwright Democratic Havelockmarker
13 Pat McElraft Republican Emerald Islemarker
14 George Cleveland Republican Jacksonvillemarker
15 W. Robert Grady Republican Jacksonville
16 Carolyn H. Justice Republican Hampstead
17 Frank Iler Republican Oak Islandmarker
18 Sandra Spaulding Hughes Democratic Wilmingtonmarker
19 Daniel McComas Republican Wilmington
20 Dewey Hill Democratic Whitevillemarker
21 Larry Bell Democratic Clintonmarker
22 William Brisson Democratic Dublinmarker
23 Joe Tolson Democratic Pinetopsmarker
24 Jean Farmer-Butterfield Democratic Wilsonmarker
25 Randy Stewart Democratic Rocky Mountmarker
26 N. Leo Daughtry Republican Smithfieldmarker
27 Michael Wray Democratic Gastonmarker
28 James Langdon, Jr. Republican Angiermarker
29 Larry D. Hall Democratic Durhammarker
30 Paul Luebke Democratic Durham
31 Henry Michaux, Jr. Democratic Durham
32 James W. Crawford, Jr. Democratic Oxfordmarker
33 Rosa Gill Democratic Raleighmarker
34 Grier Martin Democratic Raleigh
35 Jennifer Weiss Democratic Raleigh
36 Nelson Dollar Republican Carymarker
37 Paul Stam Republican Apexmarker
38 Deborah K. Ross Democratic Raleigh
39 Darren Jackson Democratic Raleigh
40 Marilyn Avila Republican Raleigh
41 Chris Heagarty Democratic Raleigh
42 Marvin Lucas Democratic Spring Lakemarker
43 Elmer Floyd Democratic Fayettevillemarker
44 Margaret Highsmith Dickson Democratic Fayetteville
45 Rick Glazier Democratic Fayetteville
46 Douglas Yongue Democratic Laurinburgmarker
47 Ronnie Sutton Democratic Pembrokemarker
48 Garland Pierce Democratic Wagrammarker
49 Lucy Allen Democratic Louisburgmarker
50 Bill Faison Democratic Durhammarker
51 Jimmy Love Democratic Sanfordmarker
52 James Boles, Jr. Republican Southern Pinesmarker
53 David Lewis Republican Dunnmarker
54 Joe Hackney Democratic Chapel Hillmarker
55 W. A. Wilkins Democratic Roxboromarker
56 Verla Insko Democratic Chapel Hill
57 Pricey Harrison Democratic Greensboromarker
58 Alma Adams Democratic Greensboro
59 Maggie Jeffus Democratic Greensboro
60 Earl Jones Democratic Greensboro
61 Laura Wiley Republican High Pointmarker
62 John Blust Republican Greensboro
63 Alice Bordsen Democratic Mebanemarker
64 Dan Ingle Republican Burlingtonmarker
65 Nelson Cole Republican Reidsvillemarker
66 Melanie Wade Goodwin Democratic Hamletmarker
67 Justin Burr Republican Albemarlemarker
68 Curtis Blackwood Republican Matthewsmarker
69 Pryor Gibson Democratic Wadesboromarker
70 Pat Hurley Republican Asheboromarker
71 Larry Womble Democratic Winston-Salemmarker
72 Earline Parmon Democratic Winston-Salem
73 Larry Brown Republican Kernersvillemarker
74 Dale Folwell Republican Winston-Salem
75 William McGee Republican Clemmonsmarker
76 Fred Steen II Republican Landismarker
77 Lorene Coates Democratic Salisburymarker
78 Harold J. Brubaker Republican Asheboromarker
79 Julia Howard Republican Mocksvillemarker
80 Jerry Dockham Republican Dentonmarker
81 Hugh Holliman Democratic Lexingtonmarker
82 Jeff Barnhart Republican Concordmarker
83 Linda Johnson Republican Kannapolismarker
84 Phillip Frye Republican Spruce Pinemarker
85 Mitch Gillespie Republican Marionmarker
86 Hugh Blackwell Republican Valdesemarker
87 Edgar Starnes Republican Hickorymarker
88 Ray Warren Democratic Hiddenitemarker
89 Mitchell Setzer Republican Catawbamarker
90 Sarah Stevens Republican Mt. Airy
91 Bryan R. Holloway Republican Kingmarker
92 Darrell McCormick Republican Winston-Salem
93 Cullie Tarleton Democrat Blowing Rockmarker
94 Shirley Randleman Republican Wilkesboromarker
95 Grey Mills Republican Mooresvillemarker
96 Mark Hilton Republican Conovermarker
97 Johnathan Rhyne, Jr. Republican Lincolntonmarker
98 Thom Tillis Republican Corneliusmarker
99 Nick Mackey Democratic Charlottemarker
100 Tricia Cotham Democratic Charlotte
101 Beverly Earle Democratic Charlotte
102 Becky Carney Democratic Charlotte
103 Jim Gulley Republican Matthewsmarker
104 Ruth Samuelson Republican Charlotte
105 Ric Killian Republican Raleigh
106 Martha Alexander Democratic Charlotte
107 Kelly Alexander Democratic Charlotte
108 Will Neumann Republican Belmontmarker
109 William Current Republican Gastoniamarker
110 Pearl Burris-Floyd Republican Dallasmarker
111 Tim Moore Republican Shelbymarker
112 Bob England Democratic Ellenboromarker
113 W. David Guice Republican Bevardmarker
114 Susan Davis Democratic Ashevillemarker
115 Bruce Goforth Democratic Asheville
116 Jane Whilden Democratic Asheville
117 Carolyn Justus Republican Raleighmarker
118 Ray Rapp Democratic Mars Hillmarker
119 R. Phillip Haire Democratic Sylvamarker
120 Roger West Republican Marblemarker

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  1. NC House members by district
  2. Iler was appointed to replace resigning representative Bonner Stiller
  3. Gill was appointed to replace resigning representative Dan Blue
  4. Jackson was appointed January 26, 2009 to replace resigning representative Linda Coleman.
  5. Heagarty was appointed to replace Rep. Ty Harrell, who resigned September 20, 2009.

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