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The Northwestern thorn scrub forests are a xeric shrubland ecoregion of Pakistanmarker and northwestern Indiamarker. The ecoregion encircles the Thar Desert and Indus Valley Desert ecoregions. It includes the western half of Gujaratmarker (excluding the mountain of Girnar), and extending through Rajasthan, where it is bounded on the southeast by the Aravalli Rangemarker. It encompasses most of Haryanamarker and Punjabmarker states of India as well as the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmirmarker, extending to the foothills of the Himalayas. In Pakistan, the ecoregion covers most of Punjab provincemarker, extending into easternmost Northwest Frontiermarker and Baluchistanmarker provinces and western Sindmarker.

The Northwestern thorn scrub forests are thought to be tropical dry forests that were degraded through intensive agriculture and grazing into stunted and open thorn scrub, dominated by species such as Acacia senegal and A. leucophloea, as well as Prosopis cineraria, Capparis zeylandica, and species of Salvadora, Gymnosporia, Grewia, and Gardenia. Over 90% of the ecoregion has been converted to human use, and the remaining habitat is highly fragmented.

This ecoregion, together with the Thar Desert and Indus Valley Desert ecoregions, form Udvardy's "Thar Desert" Biogeographic province.

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