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A referendum on whether Norwaymarker should join the European Union was held on 28 November 1994. After a long period of heated debate, the "No" side won with 52.2 per cent of the vote, on a turnout of 88.6 per cent. Membership of what was then the European Community had previously been rejected in a 1972 referendum, and by French Veto in 1962 and 1967.

The "No" campaign was led by Anne Enger Lahnstein, leader of the Centre Party. The main themes of the "No" campaign were loss of sovereignty if Norway should join the Union, as well as the fundamental differences in economic structure between Norway and the EU, as Norway has an economy based heavily on natural resources (especially oil and fish), in contrast to the EU's more industrial economy.

Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland led the "Yes" campaign. Her party, the Labour Party, was divided on the question of Norwegian membership of the Union. She refused to threaten to resign if the referendum failed to result in a "Yes" vote, on the grounds that more serious divisions could have arisen in the Labour Party. The main arguments of the "Yes" side were that as a European country, and that Norway's economy would benefit from membership.

Several explanations have been put forward as to why the "No" side won, including bad campaign management and preparation on the part of the "Yes" campaign, old cultural cleavages in Norwegian society, and the country's membership of the European Economic Area, which already made Norway part of the same European Union's common market.



By constituency

Constituency Electorate Spoilt votes Total poll (%) For (%) Against (%)
Østfoldmarker 307
Akershusmarker 443
Oslomarker 497
Hedmarkmarker 215
Oppland 251
Buskerudmarker 240
Vestfold 123
Telemarkmarker 106
Aust-Agdermarker 68
Vest-Agdermarker 58
Rogalandmarker 166
Hordalandmarker 244
Sogn og Fjordanemarker 52
Møre og Romsdalmarker 178
Sør-Trøndelagmarker 239
Nord-Trøndelagmarker 50
Nordlandmarker 226
Troms 57
Finnmarkmarker 51

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