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The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence (Forsvarsdepartementet) is a Norwegianmarker government ministry in charge of the formation and implementation of national security and defence policy, and for the overall management and control of the activities of subordinate agencies. The ministry is headed by the politically appointed Minister of Defence, previously Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen.

Core tasks

  • Strategic analysis, research and development (R&D)
  • The development of long-term policy including future strategic concepts and doctrines
  • Perspective and structural planning
  • Planning, budgeting and implementation in the medium and short term
  • Overall management of agencies’ activities during the budget year
  • Operational policy, planning and management at a strategic level
  • Exercise policy, planning and management at a strategic level
  • Emergency planning, policy and management at a strategic level
  • Crisis management
  • Development and implementation of security policy, both nationally and internationally
  • Development of defence cooperation with allied- and partner countries
  • Strategic personnel management
  • Information, communication and press relations
  • Strategic leadership and management in the field of ICT
  • Organisational development
  • Preventive security at a strategic level
  • Legal questions
  • Controller / Internal audit
  • Internal administration


  • Department of Personnel and General Services
  • Department of Security Policy
  • Department of Operations and Emergency Planning
  • Department of Defence Policy and Long-Term Planning
  • Department of Finance and Management
  • Joint Chiefs

Subordinate agencies


The ministry has been a defendant, in a number of lawsuits. Individuals who have won a lawsuit, include former UNIFIL-soldier Knut Braa(2006).

In relation to a different lawsuit, the Chief of legal affairs in Forsvarsdepartementet has been recorded in misrepresenting the truth by claiming that themedical records of a former commando are not available, due to the allegged and fictitious death of the relevant physician.

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  2. An official letter was signed by Severin Vikanes, (sjef for juridisk seksjon i Forsvarsdepartementet) to former commando of FSK, Bjørn Sagvolden, August 25, 2009.


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