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The OL postcode area, also known as the Oldham postcode area, is a group of postal districts around Ashton-Under-Lynemarker, Bacupmarker, Heywoodmarker, Littleboroughmarker, Oldhammarker, Rochdalemarker and Todmordenmarker in Englandmarker.

Whilst including almost all of Oldhammarker and most of the wider Metropolitan Borough of Oldhammarker, it is not exclusive to these areas, extending into most of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdalemarker and parts of the Tameside borough of Greater Manchestermarker, and through a very small part of both Lancashiremarker and West Yorkshire.


The approximate coverage of the postal districts are:

Postal district Post town Coverage Local authority
OL1 OLDHAM Chaddertonmarker, Higginshaw, Oldhammarker Oldhammarker
OL2 OLDHAM Heyside, Roytonmarker, Shawmarker Oldham
OL3 OLDHAM Delphmarker, Denshawmarker, Digglemarker, Dobcrossmarker, Greenfieldmarker, Uppermillmarker Oldham
OL4 OLDHAM Austerlandsmarker, Grasscroftmarker, Grottonmarker, Leesmarker, Lydgatemarker, Oldham, Scoutheadmarker, Springheadmarker, Waterheadmarker Oldham
OL5 ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Mossleymarker, Mossley Cross Tameside
OL6 ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Ashton-under-Lynemarker Tameside
OL7 ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Ashton-under-Lyne Tameside
OL8 OLDHAM Bardsleymarker, Oldham Oldham
OL9 OLDHAM Chadderton, Oldham, Westwoodmarker Oldham
OL10 HEYWOOD Heywoodmarker Rochdalemarker
OL11 ROCHDALE Ashworth, Rochdalemarker, Castletonmarker Rochdale
OL12 ROCHDALE Facit, Great Howarth, Healy, Hurstead, Rochdale, Shawforthmarker, Wardlemarker, Whitworthmarker Rochdale
OL13 BACUP Bacupmarker, Britanniamarker, Stacksteads Rossendalemarker
OL14 TODMORDEN Cornholmemarker, Todmordenmarker, Eastwoodmarker, Walsdenmarker Calderdalemarker
OL15 LITTLEBOROUGH Littleboroughmarker, Shore, Smithybridge, Summit Rochdale
OL16 ROCHDALE Burnedge, Firgrove, Hurstead, Milnrowmarker, Rochdale, Smallbridgemarker, Thornhammarker Rochdale
OL95 OLDHAM Oldham Oldham

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