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O (О, о) is a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet, representing the vowel word-initially and after hard consonants. Because of vowel reduction processes, the Russian phoneme may have a number of pronunciations in unstressed syllables, including and .

The letter's traditional name is on, meaning "he", or "that" (masculine noun) in Old Church Slavonic. It is derived from the Greek letter omicron (<Ο, ο="">).</Ο,>

It looks exactly like the Latin letter <<A wiki_link="O" href="/O">O>.

Broad On

Broad On ( ) is a variation of the Cyrillic letter On (О, о) used in Church Slavonic:
  • as the first letter of a word's root:
    • in the initial position ( , ),
    • after a prefix ( ),
    • in compound words ( ),
  • in two geographical names ( —Jordan Rivermarker, —city of Jaffamarker) and their derivatives,
  • as the numerical sign to represent the number 70.

A misleading Unicode name of Broad On is Round Omega. (Notice that the Cyrillic Omega represents 800 instead of 70).

Different writing between

On and Broad On

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