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The Oak Grove School District operates 16 elementary schools (K-6) and three intermediate school (7-8 unless otherwise noted) in San Jose, Californiamarker, USAmarker. The district has 527 teachers (FTE) serving 10,782 students. At the end of the 2008-09 school year, Superintendent Manny Barbara retired, which was reported by San Jose Mercury News.

District Employee Information

This list shows the current members working for the district.

Current Employee Facts
Name of Employee Position
Tony Garcia Superintendent
Andy Garcia Asst. Superintendent, Human Resources
Barbara Service Asst. Superintendent, Educational Services
Chris Jew Asst. Superintendent, Business Services
Maria Wetzel Director of Human Resources
Kathy Harris, Joel Herrera Director(s) of Educational Services
Risa Quon Director of Special Education
Kathy Robertson Coordinator of Educational Services/Special Education
Kim Anh Vu Administrator on Special Assignment/English Language Programs
Joyce Millner Coordinator of Educational Services
Jeanette Crawford-McCuller Principal on Special Assignment
Barbara Desjardin, Carleen Wallace Program Administrators Preschool/Daycare
Bennie Howard Director of Modernization
Jeff George Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation
Bruce Murphy Coordinator of Maintenance and Operations
Benjamin Lee Coordinator of Transportation
Chuck Baylot Energy Manager
Laura Stricker Supervisor of Information Systems
Nina Correa Director of Business Services
Terri Anaya Director of Child Nutrition Services
Birney Niederbrach Supervisor of Child Nutrition Services
Cindy Childers Supervisor of Purchasing, Warehouse and Publications

Board of Trustees

Current Board Member Facts
Name of Member Position Date Hired Date of Term Expiration
Jeremy Nishihara President June 14, 2006 c. 2012
Dianne Lemke Vice President December 13, 1990 c. 2010
Yvonne Cook Board Member September 27, 1989 c. 2010
Dennis Hawkins Board Member December 8, 1994 c. 2010
Mary Noel Board Member December 11, 2008 c. 2012

Schools in Service

School Facts
School Name Students FTE Teachers Pupil/Teacher Ratio Current Principal
(Alex) Anderson Elementary School 556 25 22.2

Tammy Unck
(Julia) Baldwin Elementary School 453 20 22.7

Susan Wright
Bernal Intermediate School 863 39.1 22.1

Katherine Baker
Christopher Elementary School 544 28.4 19.2

Bill Abraham
(Caroline) Davis Intermediate School 873 41.8 20.9

Oscar Ortiz
Del Roble Elementary School 559 27 20.7

Yolanda Ross
Edenvale Elementary 580 28.8 20.1

Alma Maldonado-Castro
(Earl) Frost Elementary School 400 21.2 18.9

Robert Topf
Glider Elementary School 398 18 22.1

Larry Harris
Hayes Elementary School 520 26.2 19.8

Tracy Cochran
(Leonard) Herman Intermediate School 807 34 23.7

Julie Hing-Pacheco
(Rita) Ledesma Elementary School 460 22 20.9

Diane McEntee
(George) Miner Elementary School 543 31 17.5

Lisa Barlesi
Oak Ridge Elementary School 496 23 21.6

Laura Hapeman
Parkview Elementary School 678 32.6 20.8

Debbie Roach
Sakamoto Elementary School 562 28.9 19.4

Ziem Nuebert
Santa Teresa Elementary School 568 30.2 18.8

Kristina Clecak
(Samuel) Stipe Elementary School 532 29.8 17.9

Paula Corrina
(Bertha) Taylor Elementary School 367 18 20.4

Donna Loose
The Academy 23 2 11.5
Notes Alternative school; 5th-8th grades

Note: So far, based on 2009-2010 school information from the OGSD official website.

Former Schools

Former School Facts
School Name Students FTE Teachers Pupil/Teacher Ratio Current Principal
San Anselmo Elementary School - - -

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