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Oceanic Airlines (sometimes called Oceanic Airways) is a fictional airline used in several films and television programs.

Its most famous appearance is in Lost, where Oceanic Airlines is featured branded with a highly-stylized logo depicting an Aboriginal dot painting that resembles a bullseye, an island, or an "O" (for Oceanic). The show's storyline begins with the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 on a mysterious island.

The airline has also been featured in many other media. The original occurrence of Oceanic Airways was in the 1996 film Executive Decision. The film's producers shot extensive footage of an actual Boeing 747 but with a different logo and livery to that used on the later Lost Oceanic flight. This stock footage has been reused in several films and television programs, spreading the Oceanic Airlines brand across various and unrelated fictional universes.

Occurrences of Oceanic Airlines

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Reused footage

Stock footage from Executive Decision was also reused in the following:

List of fictional Oceanic Airlines flights

Flight number Incident description Occurrence Aircraft used
816 Serial killer pursued by FBImarker agent on aircraft. Code 11-14 Boeing 747SP
815 Explosive decompression caused by electromagnetic pulse. Lost Boeing 777, Delta Lockheed L-1011 Tristar used as prop wreckage
815 Shot down by surface-to-air missile. Chuck: 01.02 "Chuck versus the Helicopter"
762 Forced landing caused by lightning strike. Category 6: Day of Destruction Boeing 747-400
762 Nerve agent attack threatened by mental illness sufferer. Nowhere to Land Boeing 747-200
456 First officer murdered in-flight and aircrew members afflicted by illness. Diagnosis: Murder: 04.23 "Murder in the Air"
408 Brought down by magical storm over Canadamarker. Champions Online
343 Skyjacking by Islamic terrorists; aircraft retaken in-flight by special forces. Executive Decision Boeing 747-200
343 Skyjacking by North Koreanmarker extremists; aircraft retaken in-flight by JAG personnel. JAG: 05.18 "The Bridge at Kang So Ri"
017 Aircraft ditched in the Atlantic Oceanmarker, 80 miles south of Miami, Floridamarker. Flipper: 02.07 "The Ditching" Douglas DC3
009 Walter Matthau kisses co-star Dyan Cannon and terror ensues. Out to Sea


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