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Oliver "Ol" Drake is the lead guitarist of English thrash metal group Evile.


Drake was born on March 28, 1984, in Huddersfieldmarker, Englandmarker. Drake and his brother, Matt Drake, were brought up in a very musical environment, with the sounds of artists such as Queen and Jimi Hendrix. Matt, having received classical guitar lessons when young, obtained an electric guitar for a birthday. Matt started Ol on the path of metal by introducing him to the music of Metallica and Guns N' Roses. Drake, then aged 16, picked up Matt's guitar when possible and taught himself from then on.

When Drake reached music college, he developed an interest in music theory, jazz and classical music, which opened up his playing and progress on the guitar. He also developed an interest and skill in playing drums.

He spent several years notating guitar tablature for the majority of Annihilator's back catalogue. Annihilator main man Jeff Waters, impressed by his work, dedicated a page on the Annihilator website to his tabs.

Drake made a guest appearance on The Berzerker bassist Sam Bean's solo project The Senseless, performing a guest solo on the track 'Promise'.

In December 2008, Drake paid tribute to the late Chuck Schuldiner by posting a cover of Death's "Voice of the Soul" online along with a video slideshow of Chuck-related images.

In September 2009, Schmier of the classic German thrash group Destruction asked Drake to stand in for their guitarist, Mike Sifringer, who broke his fingers forcing Destruction to find a temporary replacement for their performance at Portugal's Caos Emergente Festival on September 13th.


In 2000, Matt Drake and Ben Carter got together to form a covers band. As Drake had advanced on the guitar by this time, they asked him to join the band. After bassist Mike Alexander joined, they played many shows together over the next few years.

In 2004, they formed Evile. They recorded an EP All Hallows Eve in 2004 (which contained an instrumental track by Drake named "Torment") and a demo Hell Demo in 2006. Soon after, the band signed to Earache Records and recorded their debut album, Enter the Grave, produced by Flemming Rasmussen. He was also responsible for conceptualising the album art for Enter the Grave.

Drake plays and endorses Neal Moser's Moser Custom Shop Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Ernie Ball Strings and Homebrew Electronics Pedals.

He performs all guitar solos with Evile, with the exception of a solo in "We Who Are About to Die" (at 5:26) which is played by Matt Drake.

On 19 November 2008, while on tour in Europe with Satyricon, Drake reportedly collapsed due to health issues. His jaw was fractured and the under-side of his chin was cut open. Evile were forced to cancel their appearances on the remainder of the tour. He then had to have his jaw wired shut for two weeks for healing.


Drake has cited guitarists including Jeff Waters, Alex Skolnick, Kirk Hammett and Marty Friedman as influences. He also shows an interest in the style of Andrew Latimer of British progressive rock band Camel.






  • Peavey JSX Amplifier


  • Homebrew Electronics Powerscreamer
  • Homebrew Electronics Mock II
  • Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor


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