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Olt ( ) is a county (judeţ) of Romaniamarker, in the historical regions of Oltenia and Muntenia (both regions are separated by the Olt river). The capital city is Slatinamarker.


In 2002, it had a population of 489,274 and the population density was 89/km².

Year County population
1948 442,442
1956 458,982
1966 476,513
1977 518,804
1992 523,291
2002 489,274

The county is a mainly rural one, over 60% of the population living in villages.


This county has a total area of 5,498 km².

The county lies in a flat area on the Western part of the Romanian Plain. It is crossed by rivers from North to South, the main one - the Olt River giving the county its name. The Danube forms a wide valley in the South, with lots of ponds and small channels, which are flooded from time to time.



The predominant industries in the county are:
  • Metallurgy - aluminium and aluminium components.
  • Railway equipment.
  • Food and beverages industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Mechanical components industry.

Agriculture is the main occupation in the county - over 58% of the population having agriculture as their main occupation. Both extensive agriculture, and small scale, vegetables and fruits, are practiced. The area is well suited for irrigations.


The main touristical destinations are:

Administrative divisions

Olt County has 2 municipalities, 6 towns and 104 communes
  • Municipalities


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