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Once Upon a Time in China II is a 1992 Hong Kong action film written and directed by Tsui Hark and starring Jet Li returning as legendary Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei Hung.It is the second film and first sequel in the Once Upon a Time in China film series.


In 1895 during the late Qing Dynastymarker, Wong Fei Hung travels by train to Cantonmarker to attend a seminar on Western and traditional Chinese medicine. He is accompanied by his romantic interest "13th Aunt" Siu-Kwan and disciple Leung Foon. He gives a lecture during the seminar on the benefits of acupuncture while a fellow Chinese doctor present there helps him translate for the predominantly Caucasian audience.

The seminar is disrupted by members of the fanatical White Lotus Society, an extreme nationalist cult which is led by the sinister and seemingly invincible Priest Kung. The cult aims to drive all foreigners out of Canton and they have been killing foreigners and destroying everything regarded as foreign. Later, Wong learns that his translator friend, by the name of Sun Man, is actually the leader of a group of pro-democratic rebels who wish to establish a republic in China. Sun Man and another fellow rebel named Luke Ho Tung are planning to travel to Hong Kongmarker to continue with their plans for revolution.

Wong decides to help Sun and the rebels in their plan, but they encounter an official of the Manchu imperial government called General Nap Lan who stands in their way. Further chaos ensued when the cult attack a foreign-language school for children. Siu Kwan brings the children to hide in the British Consulate. Nap Lan suspects that the rebels are hiding inside the Consulate and orders his men to disguise themselves as cult members and attack the Consulate. Wong defends the Consulate while Sun escapes secretly. Later, Nap Lan enters the Consulate in the name of protecting the foreigners from the "cult members" while taking the opportunity to search for Luke. Luke disguises himself as Leung and follows Wong out of the Consulate safely. Meanwhile, Leung disguises himself as Luke to lure Nap Lan away. To put an end to the cult's evil activities, Wong and Luke travel to the cult's headquarters to confront Priest Kung. After an intense battle, Wong defeats Priest Kung and the cult is disbanded.

Wong, Luke and Leung proceed to retrieve the hidden contact name list of the rebels. They encounter Nap Lan and his soldiers. Luke is killed by gunfire. In the final scenes of the film, Wong Fei Hung and Nap Lan have a dramatic showdown dubbed as "the greatest fight of Jet Li on screen". Eventually, Nap Lan was killed and Wong manages to retrieve the name list. He returns it to Sun, who had been waiting at the dock and Sun sails to Hong Kong safely. The closing scenes of the film are exactly the same as the prequel film.


Historical references

  • The White Lotus Cult in the film is most likely based on an anti-foreign secret society called the Yi He Quan (aka Boxers of the Boxer Rebellion). The cult also has references to the historical White Lotus such as the cult of Maitreya.

  • An "Eastern Extension Australasia and China telegraph company" office can be seen, where the locals are demonstrating outside.

Alternate version

The Taiwanese VHS release distributed by Long Shong opens with a 7 minute-long recap of the first film in series.

This version also includes scenes cut from the international releases:

  • Siu-kwan tastes some medicine and says that it tasted bitter. Leung Foon tries it and agrees. Wong Fei Hung returns but they are unsuccessful in their prank on him.

  • Luke discloses Sun's plans for revolution. Wong Fei Hung protests angrily by saying that China should not experience any more turmoil.

  • After the scene featuring children learning martial arts at the foreign-language school, Siu-qun and Leung Foon discovers that they were writing their wills. Unexpectedly, Leung Foon manages to raise their spirits by teaching them martial arts.

Box office

USA DVD cover
This was a rare sequel to a Hong Kong film to exceed the original film's box office take. It grossed $30,399,676 HKD.[146711]

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