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Osakeyhtiö, literally a "stock company ", is the Finnishmarker equivalent of a limited company (Ltd or LLC) or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH). It is abbreviated to Oy or OY and is used either before or after the company's name, sometimes with the addition of the Swedish equivalent Ab or AB (aktiebolag).

Although some, especially larger, Finnish companies now use English as their corporate language, most Finnish companies use only Oy in the company name. If a company uses both Finnish and Swedish, then the order of the Finnish and Swedish abbreviations defines the main language of the company:

OY Suomi AB or Suomi Oy Ab would have Finnish as its main language whereas AB Finland OY or Finland Ab Oy would have Swedish.

Other languages used by the company do not influence this order. Corporations with English names or with English as their corporate language usually have ‘Ltd’ or nothing after the name.

Julkinen osakeyhtiö

Julkinen osakeyhtiö (pl. Julkiset osakeyhtiöt) means "public stock company" and is abbreviated to Oyj or OYJ. A julkinen osakeyhtiö can be listed on the Helsingin Pörssi . The term's Swedish equivalent is Abp or ABP (publikt aktiebolag). An OYJ may be called a public limited company or public company in English and may use the abbreviation PLC in the company name, for example.

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