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Ostallgäu is a district in Bavariamarker, Germanymarker. It is bounded by (from the west and clockwise) the districts of Oberallgäumarker, Unterallgäumarker, Augsburgmarker, Landsbergmarker, Weilheim-Schongaumarker and Garmisch-Partenkirchenmarker, and by the Austrianmarker state of Tyrolmarker. The city of Kaufbeurenmarker is enclosed by but does not belong to the district.


Before 1803 the region was split into several tiny states, most of them clerical states. When these states were dissolved in 1803, the Ostallgäu region became part of Bavaria. The kings of Bavaria soon evolved a special relationship with the region and built their famous castles of Hohenschwangaumarker and Neuschwansteinmarker there.

The district was established in 1972 by merging the former districts of Kaufbeuren, Marktoberdorf and Füssen.


"Ostallgäu" literally means "Eastern Allgäu". The term Allgäu is applied to the part of the Alps located in Swabia and their northern foothills.

The district extends from the crest of the Alps to hilly countryside in the north. It is located on either side of the Wertachmarker, an affluent of the Lech Rivermarker. In the south there is a great number of alpine lakes, the largest of them being the Forggensee (16 km²).

Coat of arms

The coat of arms displays:
  • the heraldic lion of the medieval county of Ronsberg
  • the sword of Saint Martin, the patron saint of Marktoberdorf
  • an abbot's staff representing the Füssen monastery

Towns and municipalities

Towns Municipalities
  1. Buchloemarker
  2. Füssenmarker
  3. Marktoberdorfmarker
  1. Aitrangmarker
  2. Baisweilmarker
  3. Bidingenmarker
  4. Biessenhofenmarker
  5. Eggenthalmarker
  6. Eisenbergmarker
  7. Friesenriedmarker
  8. Germaringenmarker
  9. Görisriedmarker
  10. Günzachmarker
  11. Halblechmarker
  12. Hopferaumarker
  13. Irseemarker
  14. Jengenmarker
  15. Kaltentalmarker
  16. Kraftisriedmarker
  17. Lamerdingenmarker
  18. Lechbruckmarker
  19. Lengenwangmarker
  20. Mauerstettenmarker
  21. Nesselwangmarker
  1. Obergünzburgmarker
  2. Oberostendorfmarker
  3. Osterzellmarker
  4. Pforzenmarker
  5. Pfrontenmarker
  6. Rettenbach am Auerbergmarker
  7. Riedenmarker
  8. Rieden am Forggenseemarker
  9. Ronsbergmarker
  10. Roßhauptenmarker
  11. Rückholzmarker
  12. Ruderatshofenmarker
  13. Schwangaumarker
  14. Seegmarker
  15. Stöttenmarker
  16. Stöttwangmarker
  17. Unterthingaumarker
  18. Untrasriedmarker
  19. Waalmarker
  20. Waldmarker
  21. Westendorfmarker

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