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The Otis Elevator Company is the world's largest manufacturer of vertical transportation systems today, principally elevators and escalators. Founded in Yonkersmarker, New Yorkmarker, USAmarker in 1853 by Elisha Otis, the company pioneered the development of the safety elevator, invented by Otis, which used a special mechanism to lock the elevator car in place should the hoisting ropes fail.

Otis has installed elevators in some of the world's most famous structures, including the Eiffel Towermarker, Empire State Buildingmarker, World Trade Centermarker, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terrormarker, BALTICmarker, Petronas Twin Towersmarker, CN Towermarker and the Skylon Towermarker. Otis has also installed elevators in the main hotels on the world, and the Spanishmarker department stores El Corte Inglés.

Statistically, Otis is the world's most popular transportation company. It is estimated that the equivalent of the world's population travel in Otis elevators, escalators and moving walkways every three days. According to United Technologies, Otis elevators carry the equivalent of the world's population every nine days.

Otis was acquired by United Technologies in 1976 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary. The company has over 60,000 employees, with 2007 revenue of US$11.885 billion. The company headquarters are located in Farmingtonmarker, Connecticutmarker.

Otis has also dabbled in horizontal automated people-mover "shuttle" systems. In 1996, Otis formed a joint venture called Poma-Otis Transportation Systems with the French company Pomagalski to promote these products.

Otis Elevator Company purchased Express Evans Lifts in the UKmarker. Evans Lifts was the oldest and largest manufacturer of lift equipment in the UK and was based in Leicestermarker, Englandmarker, before being acquired by Express Lifts of Northamptonmarker, where the Express Lift Towermarker still dominates the skyline. Otis' Customer Care Centre is still based in the old Express Evans Lifts building in Leicester. The building has since been extended by Otis.

There are still some installations of Evans Lifts being used today. Notably, an original Evans Lift is still in the Silver Arcade in Leicester. It formerly transported people to the upper floors, but the upper floors are no longer occupied so the lift is no longer used.

Gen2 Elevator

Otis entered the machine-room-less market with the introduction of the Gen2 elevator system. Otis designed a technology system that employs flat polyurethane-coated steel belts that replace the heavy, woven steel cables which have remained the industry standard since the late 1800s. The belts are approximately 3 mm (0.1 inch) thick and allow for a smaller sheave than conventional elevators. Together with a redesigned machine, this allows the machine to be mounted within the hoistway itself.

The Gen2 Elevator is Otis' machine-room-less competitor to the Mitsubishi Elenessa, KONE EcoDisc, Schindler 400A, ThyssenKrupp Synergy, and Fujitec Talon.

President and chairman

Factory locations

Otis had a factory in Bloomington, Indianamarker. They still use the offices on the site.

Otis had a factory in Yonkers, New Yorkmarker. It was closed in 1983 and is now used to create subway cars for New York and New Jersey.

Otis had a large factory in Harrisonmarker, New Jerseymarker, USA.

Otis has a division which is located in Hatfield, PA and it is called Cemco Lift.

Otis has a test tower facility in Bristol, CT and a Service Center in Bloomfield, CT that serve their businesses in North and South America. Other test towers and service centers are located throughout the world.

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