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Hamidiye was a Turkish cruiser (formerly Abdül Hamid) that saw extensive action during Balkan Wars and World War I. It was launched on September 25th 1903 in England, weighed 3,805 tons, had a draught of 4.8m, was 112m long and it was named after the Ottoman Sultan Abdül Hamid.

It had two 150mm L/45 quick firing guns, six 120mm L/50 quick firing guns, two 46mm L/50 quick firing guns, two 36mm quick firing guns, and two 457mm torpedo tubes. Hamidiye was powered by two sets of 4-cylinder triple expansion boilers providing a top speed of 22 knots and carried a complement of 302.

It was named Hamidiye after the 1908 Young Turk Revolution.

Led by the legendary captian Rauf Orbay, Hamidiye saw extensive action in Aegean Seamarker, Adriaticmarker, Mediteraneanmarker, and Red Seamarker during the Balkan Wars. During World War I, it fought against the Russian Navy in Black Seamarker and joined Yavuz and Midilli in maintaining control over Black Sea lanes and ports. It engaged in numerous naval battles, was hit many times and came close to being a total loss. It was the first Ottoman battle ship to be transferred to the navy of the young Turkish Republic in 1925.

It was decommissioned in 1947 after a service of training cadets since 1940. For a short while it was a museum ship. Hamidiye was then laid up in İstanbul in 1951 and then sold for scrap in 1964.

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