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Ozyorsk or Ozersk ( ) is a closed town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russiamarker. It was founded on the shore of the Irtyash Lake in 1945. Until 1994, it was known as Chelyabinsk-65, and even earlier, as Chelyabinsk-40 (the digits are the last digits of the postal code, and the name is that of the nearest big city; that was a common practice of giving names to closed towns). In 1994, it was granted town status and renamed Ozyorsk. Population: 86,100 (2004 est.);


Ozyorsk was and remains a closed town because of its proximity to the Mayak plant, one of the sources of Soviet plutonium during the Cold War, and now a Russian facility for processing nuclear waste and recycling nuclear material from decommissioned nuclear weapons.

The plant itself covers an area of approximately 90 kmĀ² and employs about 15,000 people.

The Mayak is primarily engaged in reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel from the nuclear submarines and icebreakers and from nuclear power plants. Commercially, it produces cobalt-60, iridium-192, carbon-14 and establishes conversion production with use of radiative technologies applying wasteless technologies.

The town's coat of arms depicts a flame-coloured salamander representing the ecological situation after the 1957 accident.

Southern-Urals Construction Department ( ) is another major enterprise. Its activities include construction for atomic industry needs, production of concrete constructions and construction materials.

Main products of Plant of Wiring Products #2 ( ) are low-voltage devices for military-industrial establishments.

1957 accident

Mayak was the site of a major 1957 disaster involving radioactive pollution (see list of military nuclear accidents). Ozyorsk and the surrounding countryside have suffered from serious radioactive pollution. The highway from Chelyabinsk to Ekaterinburg passes through the radioactive zone that resulted from the disaster. Travelling by bus, the only sign that you are there is the roadsign pointing down a backroad to the town of Kyshtymmarker.

Education and culture

There are seventeen different cultural and public-service institutions.

There are sixteen secondary schools, two schools specializing in the English language, one gymnasium, physics-mathematics lyceum, three professional colleges, Southern-Ural Polytechnical College, Music College, Ozyorsk Engineering Institute (an affiliate of Moscow Engineering-Physical State University), and affiliates of Yekaterinburgmarker's and Chelyabinskmarker's universities.


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