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The Přemyslids (Czech: Přemyslovci, German: Premysliden, Polish: Przemyślidzi), were a Czech royal dynasty which reigned in Bohemia (9th century–1306) and in Polandmarker (1300–1306).

Legendary rulers

The name of the dynasty, according to Cosmas in his Chronica Boemorum (1119), comes from its legendary founder, Přemysl, husband of Libuše.

Dukes of Bohemia

The first historical Přemyslid was Duke Bořivoj I, baptised in 874 by Saint Methodius. In 895, Bohemia gained independence from the Great Moravia. Between 1003 and 1004, Bohemia was controlled by Boleslaus the Brave, Duke of Polandmarker from the Piast dynasty, grandson of Boleslaus I the Cruel.

In 1085, Duke Vratislaus II, and, in 1158, Duke Vladislaus II, were crowned King of Bohemia as a personal award from the Holy Roman Emperor. The title, however, was not hereditary.

Kings of Bohemia

In 1198, Duke Přemysl Otakar I gained the title of King of Bohemia for his person as an ally of Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor. He was awarded hereditary title in Frederick's Golden Bull of Sicily (1212).

Kings of Bohemia, Poland and Hungary

In 1300, King Wenceslaus II was crowned King of Poland.

The royal line ended in 1306, with the death of King Wenceslaus III. The Bohemian throne went to the Luxembourgs, and the Polish returned to the Piasts. Descendants of Nicholas, illegitimate son of King Přemysl Otakar II still, however, ruled Opavamarker and Racibórzmarker. This line ended in 1521, with the death of Valentine, Duke of Racibórz.

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Family tree

Bořivoj I. + Saint Ludmila
  • Spytihněv I.
  • Vratislav I.
    • Saint Václav I.
    • Boleslav I. the Cruel
      • Boleslav II. the Pious
        • Boleslav III. the Red-haired
        • Jaromir the Eunuch
        • Václav the Infantdead
        • Oldrich
          • Břetislav I. Achilles
            • Spytihněv II.
            • Vratislav II.
              • Bretislav II.
              • Judith of Bohemia
              • Borivoj II.
              • Vladislav I.
                • Vladislav II.
                  • Bedrich
                  • Otakar I
                    • Wenceslas I
                      • Otakar II the Golden and Iron
                      • illegitimate line of Dukes of Opava; died out in 1521
                    • Queen Dagmar of Dennmark
                  • Vladislav III Henry
                • Henry
                  • Bretislav III. Henry (Henry Bretislav)
              • Sobeslav I.
                • Sobeslav II. the Peasant
                • Wenceslas II.
            • Bishop Jaromir
            • Konrad I. of Brno and Znojmo
              • Konrad of Brno
              • Litolt of Znojmo
                • Konrad of Znojmo
                  • Konrad II. Ota of Brno and Znojmo
            • Otto of Olomouc
              • Otto II the Black
              • Svatopluk
      • Abbess Mlada
      • Dobrava m. Mieszko I of Poland
      • Legendist Christian

Family tree of Elisabeth of Bohemia + Jagiellonians + Habsburgs

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