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PAMS (an acronym for Production, Advertising, Merchandising Service), based in Dallas, Texasmarker, was the most famous jingle production company in American broadcasting. The company was founded by William B. Meeks, Jr. (March 2, 1921 — d. December 8, 1999) in 1951, and produced identification packages for radio stations around the world, as well as some commercial music. PAMS led the way in the usage of recycled pre-recorded backing tracks with new vocals over them to create the syndication of ID Jingles.

It suspended operation in 1978, and for the next 12 years, PAMS jingles were produced under the CPMG/PAMS moniker run by Ken R. Deutsch (in Toledo, OH) and Benjamin Freedman (both in the Buffalo, NY area and Dallas, TX). In 1990, the original PAMS corporation, including all its copyrights, was purchased by JAM Creative Productions (also based in Dallas).

JAM currently produces new versions of the classic PAMS jingle packages over the original PAMS backing tracks but technically is still a separate company from PAMS. JAM founder Jonathan M. Wolfert was employed by PAMS before he and wife Mary Lyn Wolfert started their own company in 1974. Many of PAMS jingle packages were used exclusively in the 1960s and early 1970s by Top 40 stations worldwide. WABCmarker in New York City, WLSmarker in Chicago, and BBC Radio 1 in the UKmarker were three of PAMS' biggest clients. PAMS address was just as famous as its jingles. The studio was located at 4141 Office Parkway in the Dallas metroplex. Today it is the home of Thompson Creative which entered the Radio Station ID business in the mid 1980s.

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