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The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) is the state-run radio service of Pakistanmarker.


The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation was formed on 14 August 1947 when Pakistan became independent. It was a direct descendant of the Indian Broadcasting Company which later became All India Radio. At independence Pakistan possessed three radio stations at Dhakamarker, Lahoremarker and Peshawarmarker. A major programme of expansion saw new stations opened at Karachimarker and Rawalpindimarker in 1948, and a new broadcasting house at Karachi in 1950. This was followed by further stations at Hyderabadmarker (1951), Quettamarker (1956), a second station at Rawalpindi (1960) and a receiving centre at Peshawar (1960).

In 1970, training facilities were opened in Islamabadmarker and a station opened at Multanmarker. A major step was the establishment of the Radio Pakistan World Service on 21 April 1973 for overseas Pakistanis followed by new stations at Khairpur (1974) and Bahawalpurmarker (1975).

The main broadcasting unit of PBC at Islamabad moved to the new National Broadcasting House in 1977 and the service reached the remotest parts of Pakistan with stations at Gilgitmarker (1977) and Skardumarker (1977) in the far north and Turbatmarker (1981) in the far southwest. From 1981 to 1982 stations and transmitters were also established at Dera Ismail Khanmarker, Khuzdarmarker and Faisalabadmarker.

Radio Pakistan opened a new broadcasting house in Khairpur on 7 May 1986, followed by relay stations in 1989 at Sibimarker and Abbottabadmarker. The remoter parts of the country began to receive coverage with new stations opened in the 1990s at Chitralmarker, Loralaimarker and Zhobmarker. In 1997, the Federal Minister of Information inaugurated the computerisation of the PBC news processing system and availability of the news bulletins on the Internet in text and audio form .

In October 1998, Radio Pakistan started FM transmission and over the period 2002–2005, new FM stations were opened at Islamabadmarker, Gwadarmarker, Mianwalimarker, Sargodhamarker, Kohatmarker, Bannumarker and Mithi.

PBC Services

The PBC provides several services including:
  • Home Service (domestic network)
  • World Service (for overseas Pakistanis)
  • External Service
  • PBC News
    • News & Current Affairs Channel
  • Sautul Qur'an (religious broadcasting)
  • FM – 101 (service in major towns and cities)
  • FM – 93 (service in major towns and cities)
  • National Sound Archives

PBC News

The PBC News service broadcasts 149 news bulletins in 31 languages daily, covering world, national and regional news as well as sports, business and weather reports.

Radio Pakistan

Radio Pakistan is the official international broadcasting station of Pakistanmarker.

Radio Pakistan was able to start its external services on regular basis on 1949. As Pakistan is strategically located and is a close neighbor of Chinamarker, Indiamarker, Middle Eastern countries and Central Asia, it is necessary to use Radio Pakistan and its external services as an instrument to project the country's policies in true perspective so that a message of peace and friendship is disseminated to the world specially to its neighbors.

The programmes of External Services are so designed as to project Pakistan's view point on domestic and foreign policy issues. Another special aim of these services is to disseminate knowledge about the art, culture, history, values and way of life of its people among foreign listeners in order to generate feelings of friendship, goodwill and mutual understanding which help create an environment of peace and tranquility and make co-existence possible in the region. They broadcast in 16 languages: English, Chinese, Dari, Pushto, Hazaragi, Persian, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Sinhala, Nepali, Turki, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Bangla.

Regional and International Stations

World Service

Islamabad Capital Territory



Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP)



Northern Areas, Jammu & Kashmir

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