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The Panhard AML (called the AML 245 by Panhard) 60/90 is a light armoured car with permanent 4×4 drive for mobility. It can carry either a 90 mm quick firing low pressure gun, or a 60 mm breech loading mortar as main weapons. Night vision equipment enables night time operations, and it is provided with a modern telecommunications system.

Production history

During the 1950s, the French Army used the Daimler Ferret in large numbers but decided to build their own armoured car and Panhard started the production of the AML in 1960. Since then over 4000 vehicles have been completed and manufacture continues for the export market. The AML 60/90 have been sold to over 30 countries. In addition to the French production, 1300 AML 60/90 were built under licence by South Africa under the name of Eland 60/90.

An armoured personnel carrier (APC) version was also developed, the Panhard M3. The M3 and the AML share 95% of working parts, encouraging many countries to employ both the M3 and the AML in order to reduce operational costs.

All Irish Army versions have been re-engined with diesel engines.


All the versions have a common configuration: the driver is seated in front with a two-seater turret on top. There is a door on each side and the power unit in the back.
  • AML 60: 60 mm breech loading mortar and a 7.62 mm machine gun
  • AML 60 HE 60-7: 60 mm breech loading mortar and 2 × 12.7 mm machine gun
  • AML 60 HE 60-12: 60 mm breech loading mortar and a 12.7 mm machine gun
  • AML 60 HE 60-20: 60 mm breech loading mortar and a 20 mm cannon
  • AML 60 S530: self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon with dual 20 mm cannons used in Venezuela
  • AML 90: 90 mm gun
  • AML 90 Lynx: Hispano-Suiza designed turret with a 90 mm GIAT F1 gun, night equipment of vision, and telemeters laser
  • Eland 60: South African version of the AML 60 HE60-7
  • Eland 90: South African version of the AML 90 Lynx
  • AML 20: Irish Army version introduced in recent years replacing the AML 60 turret with a new turret fitted with a 20mm cannon.
  • M3: An armoured personnel carrier variant of the Panhard AML.



In the James Bond film The Living Daylights, two Panhard AMLs (used to portray Soviet Army vehicles) pursue Afghanmarker Mujahadeen fighters. In fact these were Panhard AMLs belonging to the Royal Moroccan Army (FAR). The Mujahadeen were portrayed by Moroccan soldiers.


Image:Aml90 054.jpg|Panhard AML in UN coloursImage:Irish AML-20.JPG|Irish Army AML 20Image:277b-AML-90.jpg|AML-90 recognition plate

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