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Pappas Telecasting Companies was a diversely organized broadcasting company headquartered in , United Statesmarker. Founded in 1971, it is one of the largest privately held broadcasting companies in the country, with its stations reaching over 15% of all U.S. households and over 32% of Hispanic households. Apart from owning and/or operating many television stations, the company also has two radio stations in its possession, KTRB AM 860 and KMPH-AMmarker 840 -- changed from KPMP in June 2006 to reflect its nearby sister/flagship television station, Fox affiliate KMPH-TVmarker, both in Fresno, Californiamarker.


On May 10 2008, thirteen of Pappas' stations filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. Pappas cited "the extremely difficult business climate for television stations across the country" in papers filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delawaremarker. The company reported in court filings that it has more than $536 million in debt and $460 million in assets. Problems that led to bankruptcy included poor performance of The CW network, its now-former involvement with Azteca America, and preparations for the 2009 analog shutdown. Stations involved in the bankruptcy are KMPH-TVmarker, KFRE-TVmarker, KPTMmarker, KXVOmarker, WCWGmarker, KPTHmarker, KMEGmarker, KTNC-TVmarker, KAZHmarker, KDBC-TVmarker, KREN-TVmarker, KAZR-CA and KCWKmarker. It was later ordered on September 10, 2008 that the affected stations must be sold off by February 15, 2009. [258018] Its other stations, and the corporation itself, is not part of the bankruptcy. [258019]

On May 14 2008, company founder Harry J. Pappas filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy at the Delaware court, where a judge could order his personal assets sold to pay off creditors. [258020]

On May 27 2008, KCWK in Yakima, Washingtonmarker, ceased operations as a result of the bankruptcy. [258021]

On September 17, 2008, bankruptcy trustee E. Roger Williams put KREN and its repeaters under contract to Entravision Communications for $4 million, which would double as a minimum bid for the station as it goes up for auction in late October. [258022]

On December 17, 2008, New World TV Group agreed to acquire the remaining Pappas stations involved in the bankruptcy filing.[258023] [258024] The sale was approved by the United States bankruptcy court on January 16, 2009.

Television Stations By Market

Market Station Affiliation Notes
Avalonmarker - Los Angelesmarker KAZA-TVmarker 54 Azteca America 75% owned by Pappas; 25% owned by TV Azteca
Concordmarker - Fort Braggmarker -
San Franciscomarker - Oaklandmarker -
San Josemarker

KTNC-TVmarker 421 /
KUNO-TVmarker 81
TuVisión The station also serves the #20 Sacramentomarker -
Stocktonmarker - Modestomarker market.
Baytownmarker - Houstonmarker KAZH-TVmarker 571 TuVisión
Vero Beachmarker -
West Palm Beachmarker -
Fort Piercemarker

WMMF-LP 57 Independent New television station. Also, the station is seeking
a construction permit to move to channel 19.
Lexingtonmarker - Greensboromarker -
Winston-Salemmarker - High Pointmarker
WCWGmarker 201 The CW Was WTWB-TV until August 11 2006.
Austinmarker KXLK-CA 40 HSN
Sangermarker - Fresnomarker - Visaliamarker KMPH-TVmarker 261 Fox Founded as the company's flagship station.
KFRE-TVmarker 591 The CW
Fond du Lacmarker - Green Baymarker -
WWAZ-TVmarker 44 FamilyNet Formerly on analog channel 68; became digital-only in late
July 2008.

Station is currently silent due to Pappas being financially
unable to convert the station to digital.

Amesmarker - Des Moinesmarker KCWI-TVmarker 23 The CW To continue analog broadcasts until 2009. Was KPWB-TVmarker
until September 18, 2006, which was previously held by
CBS-owned CW network affiliate KMAX-TVmarker Sacramento,
from 1994 to 1998.marker

KDMImarker 56 MNTV This TV /
The CW /
America One

A Digital-Only station. Currently carries MyNetworkTV
as a primary and The CW (as a secondary) while
KCWI continues analog-only broadcasts until 2009.

The station took to the air on August 28 2006.

station also carries America One programming
outside the MNTV & CW schedules.

Omahamarker - Council Bluffsmarker KXVOmarker 15 The CW Pappas operates the station under a Local Marketing
with Mitts Telecasting Company.
KPTM-TVmarker 421 /
Fox /
Carries MNTV on a digital subchannel.
KAZO-LP 57 TuVisión Repeated on KCAZ-LP 57 Columbusmarker , KWAZ-LP 56
Lincolnmarker, and KHJP-LP 29 Valentinemarker -- all located in
the state of Nebraskamarker.

El Pasomarker - Las Crucesmarker -
Ciudad Juárezmarker, Chihuahuamarker, Mexicomarker
KDBC-TVmarker 41 CBS /
Carries MNTV on a digital subchannel.
Superiormarker - Grand Islandmarker -
Lincolnmarker - Hastingsmarker -

KSNB-TVmarker 4 /
KTVGmarker 17
Fox At one point the stations also had WSWS-CA as its North
repeater before 2005.marker
Originally, KSNB was an NTVmarker
satellite before joining Fox in the late 1990s.
under separate
Local Marketing Agreements -- KTVG
owned by Hill Broadcasting Company, Inc. and KSNB
owned by Colins Broadcasting Company -- which also
owns repeater stations, K17CI 17 Beatricemarker and K18CD
Lincolnmarker, while Pappas owns K42FV 42 McCookmarker and
KOAZ-LP 48 O'Neillmarker -- all located in the state of Nebraskamarker.

KHGI-TVmarker 13 ABC Known on-air as Nebraska Television or NTV. At one
point also had KSNB as another satellite station before
the late 1990s.

Parts of the market is also served by
satellite station KWNB-TV 6.

KFXL-TVmarker 51 Fox Launched in June 2006. Controlled by Pappas
through a Local Marketing Agreement.

Owned and
licensed by the Omaha World-Herald Newsapaper.

Originally KOWH at launch, became KCWL-TV on
August 2 2006 and KFXL-TV on June 12, 2009.

Satellite of KTVG/KSNB.

Bakersfieldmarker KBBV-CA 19 America One
Opelikamarker - Auburnmarker -
WLGAmarker 66 Independent Originally held the WSWS call letters before
they went to NTV in Nebraska.
Corpus Christimarker KXCC-CA 45 N/A Affiliation unknown at this time.
Sioux Citymarker KMEGmarker 14 CBS A fresh station for Pappas, signed a Local Marketing
with Waitt Broadcasting, Inc. in May 2005
to operate the station.
KPTH-TVmarker 441 Fox /
Carries MNTV on a digital subchannel.
Yumamarker - El Centromarker KSWTmarker 13 CBS /
The CW
Carries The CW on a digital subchannel.
Hayes Centermarker -
North Plattemarker
KWNB-TVmarker 6 /
WSWS-CAmarker 13
ABC Low-power translator of the Nebraska Television

WSWS was a Fox affiliate and was a
KTVG/KSNB repeater before sometime in 2005.

KWNB also serves parts of the Lincoln market.

  • 1 These stations will be sold to New World TV Group, pending FCC approval.

Station formerly owned by Pappas

Market Station Years Owned Currently
Sacramentomarker - Stocktonmarker - Modestomarker KRBK / KPWB 31 1994-1998 The CW network affiliate KMAX-TVmarker,
owned and operated by CBS Corporation.
Greenvillemarker - Spartanburgmarker - Ashevillemarker - Andersonmarker WHNSmarker 21 1984-1988 Fox network affiliate, owned and operated by
Meredith Corporation.
WASV-TV 62 1995-2000 The CW network affiliate WYCWmarker, owned and
operated by Media General.
Walla Wallamarker - Yakimamarker - Pascomarker - Richlandmarker - Kennewickmarker KCWKmarker 9 /
2002-2008 Station ceased operations in May 2008, due to
the bankruptcy.
Renomarker - Sparksmarker KREN-TVmarker 27 1995-2009 Univision network affiliate, owned and operated by
Entravision Communications.
KAZR-CA 46 1995-2009 KRNS-CA, owned and operated by
Entravision Communications.
Bakersfieldmarker KBFX-LP 58 1990-2005 Fox network affiliate KBFX-CA, owned and
operated by Fisher Communications.

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