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  • Para-, in English, is usually an affix of one of these origins:
    • Greek origin meaning "beside", "near", "past", "beyond", or "contrary"
    • French "pare à" = "prepare for"
    • Parámarker, A Federated State in the north of Brazil
  • Para Dog-faced Bat, a bat species from South and Central America
  • Para Loga, one among the seven Logas (seven upper worlds) in Ayyavazhi mythology
  • Para-Ordnance, a firearms manufacturer located in Toronto, Ontario
  • Parapraxis or Freudian slip (Fehlleistung) is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is believed to be caused by the unconscious mind.
  • Para-quaternions, expression from algebra in mathematics
  • Para Red, is a chemical dye
  • Para rubber tree, often simply called rubber tree
  • Para Spiny Rat, a species from South America
  • Para-statals, state-owned corporations that play a major role in the government and economy of many countries around the world
  • Para (Marattia salicina), a fern found in New Zealand and Norfolk Island
  • Para isomer in chemistry, a type of arene substitution pattern
  • André Cordeiro, a Brazilian water polo player who is nicknamed Pará
  • A member of the Parachute Regiment
  • An arene substitution pattern in which two substituents occupy positions on an aromatic ring separated by two unsubstituted carbon atoms
  • Paramedic is a first response ambulance crew member.
  • Paralympic Games are the international games for disabled athletes.






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