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Parachinar ( ) is the capital of Kurram Agency, FATAmarker (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) of Pakistanmarker. It is about 290 km west of the capital, Islamabadmarker. It is situated on a neck of Pakistani territory south of Peshawarmarker, that juts into Paktia Province in Afghanistanmarker and is the closest point in Pakistan to Kabulmarker and borders on the Tora Boramarker region in Afghanistan. In 2009 it was alleged to be the hiding place of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.


The name of the town Parachinar comes from a big tree of Chinar (Maple tree) at a place which now is encompassed by the headquarter offices of Kurram Agency. Also in Kurram Agency there is a tribe known as the Parachamkani tribe, which used to get together under this Chinar tree to resolve their social matters.

Parachinar originated as a summer residence for nomadic tribes who wintered their livestock at lower altitudes, and the district had originally been a summer residence for Moghul emperors from Delhimarker. The Parachinar region was part of Afghanistan before the Second Afghan War of 1878-79, but was not firmly annexed by the British due to resistance from local tribes until 1892. During the colonial era between then and 1947 Parachinar became a hill station for people from Peshawarmarker as it is relatively cool in the summer and very easy to reach from the plains despite its high altitude since there are no steep ascents on the route from Peshawar.

Because of its proximity to the border of Afghanistan, in recent years, the economy of Parachinar has been affected with tourism and trade declining.

Durand Line Agreement at Parachinar

In the year 1893 during rule of Amir Abdur Rahman Khan of Afghanistan a Royal Commission for setting up of Boundary the Durand line between Afghanistanmarker and the Britishmarker Governed Indiamarker was set up to negotiate terms with the Britishmarker, for the agreeing to the Durand line, and the two parties camped at Parachinar, now part of FATAmarker Pakistanmarker, which is near Khostmarker Afghanistan.

From The British Side the camp was Attended by Sir, Mortimer Durand and Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum, Political Agent Khyber.

The Afghanistan was represented by Sahibzada Abdul Latif and the Governor Khostmarker Sardar Shireendil Khan representing the King Amir Abdur Rahman Khan.


The population consisted of largely Turi, Bangash, Mangal, Jaji, Khilji, Muqbal and as well as a Sikh community.

Local Administration

The head of local government administration is called the Political Agent, who is an 18 grade officer. There is Assistant political agent at each sub division.

Health Department

Agency surgeon is the head of local health department, which is also an 18 grade officer. Medical superintendent is the head of Agency head quarter hospital, who is a 19 grade officer.


The famous public school in Parachinar are Kohsar Public High School, Allama Iqbal Public School, Pilot model high school, Islamia public high school and Oxford Public School, and two government high schools, Government High School No 1 and Government High School No 2. There are three government colleges: Government Post Gratuate College Parachinar, Government College of Management Sciences Parachinar, and Benezir College for Girls Parachinar.There used to be an FG Public School, privileged for the high standard of education in the whole FATA, still its boundaries are laying there, class rooms are capable enough to provide the shelter for the students but can not feed the thirst of knowledge. Now FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PUBLIC SCHOOL is just a name.

Rest Houses in Parachinar

  • Shalozan Rest House at Parachinar
  • Circuit House
  • Chapri Rest House (Approx 9,000 ft High)

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