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Paradise Lost are a heavy metal band formed in 1988 in Halifaxmarker, Englandmarker. While the band's earlier albums are classified as death/doom metal, they later began to incorporate several different styles of rock into their recordings and are now mainly considered a gothic metal band.


Along with countrymates Anathema and My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost are credited with creating the subgenre known as Death/Doom. Their first three full-length albums (although the latter two incorporated some melodic and gothic elements) are considered prime examples of this style. However, with the release of the seminal albums Icon (1993) and Draconian Times (1995), Paradise Lost also became known as pioneers of the Gothic metal subgenre. In accordance with the change in musical approach, vocalist Nick Holmes changed his singing style. He used a death grunt on the band's first three albums, but on Icon refined his voice to have a cleaner tone. Later (circa 1997), the band began experimenting with electronic styles but after four albums reverted again to Gothic metal.

They have been more popular in mainland Europe than in their own country; particularly in Greecemarker and Germanymarker they are regarded as mainstream rock stars. Their line-up has remained remarkably stable for such a long-standing heavy metal band, consisting of singer Nick Holmes, guitarists Greg Mackintosh and Aaron Aedy, and bassist Steve Edmondson. Holmes and Mackintosh are the principal composers, with almost all of the band's songs credited to them. During the years, the band has only changed drummers, with original member Matthew Archer replaced in 1994 by ex-Marshall Law drummer Lee Morris In March 2004, Morris also left the band; Jeff Singer took Morris' place and has played on all subsequent releases, though he was not listed as a permanent band member until the release of the single "The Enemy" in 2007. In a recent video interview, Mackintosh and Holmes revealed that Singer had already auditioned for the band when Archer left, but they chose Morris instead because "[Singer] had a pink drumkit".

Early years

Early on, Paradise Lost were inspired by Kreator, Celtic Frost, Candlemass, Death, Morbid Angel, and Repulsion. Up to 1989, the band recorded demo cassettes, then signed with Peaceville Records for their first album (recorded at The Academy), Lost Paradise. Their debut was well received by press and fans alike. In November 1990, Paradise Lost went back to The Academy to work on the second album. 1991's Gothic (also on Peaceville) was the band's stylistic breakthrough, eventually becoming an influential album within the extreme metal circles. The album was labeled a "classic" and was rated highly by both fans and critics. The album expanded beyond the original Death/Doom format by being more melodic and featuring symphonic orchestra and female vocals by Sarah Marrion. With this album the band pushed "gothic" into the metal scene and started a new genre - gothic metal. Paradise Lost was signed to the Music for Nations label, and in July 1992 released Shades Of God. The album contained the song "As I Die," later released as a single/EP, now the hymn for Paradise Lost fans.. In summer 1993, the band commenced work on their fourth full-length record, Icon which was released on September in the same year.The album hit the German charts at number 31, and is considered a gothic metal masterpiece. It solidified the band's position in the mainstream metal scene. Draconian Times, one of the band's most successful albums came in June 1995; a limited edition digipack offered a second disc, dubbed "Live Tracks, Demos & B-Sides," with five live recordings as well as demos and outtakes. To promote the album, Paradise Lost went on a huge tour through Europe, South America, Australia, and Japan.

Second Era

Paradise Lost returned in 1997 with a new look and style, astounding both fans and critics. On the album One Second (1997), the band began to experiment with Depeche Mode-esque synth pop and electronica. The album turned out to be one of the band's most important releases, cracking the German and Swedish top ten charts and giving the band a boost in popularity everywhere, it seemed—except the UK. Although some of the older fans of the band were disappointed, Paradise Lost gained many new supporters. The band later contracted EMI Electrola in Germany for its next album, Host, released in 1999, on which they continued to experiment with new sounds, appearing to shed their metal roots. On the next album, Believe in Nothing (2001), Paradise Lost continued the synth direction, but adding rock elements to the music. In May 2002, the band signed to G.U.N records, and on the album that followed, Symbol of Life, the metallic roots of the band began to resurface.

Present Day

Paradise Lost released their 10th, eponymous album in 2005 on G.U.N. records, an album combining electronic and guitar-based styles. The album began the phase of Paradise Lost's return to the gothic metal roots. The eleventh album, In Requiem, was released in Spring 2007 on Century Media; it was generally well-accepted and highly rated by both critics and fans, pleased to see the band returning to their heavier, gothic metal sound similar to that of earlier albums like Draconian Times. Paradise Lost: In Requiem Music | PopMatters It also won "Best Gothic Metal album" from "Metal Storm Awards 2007." The full-length was preceded by a single, "The Enemy."In November 2007, Century Media released the DVD Over The Madness, which documents the impact Paradise Lost has had on Gothic metal and provides insight into the mindset and workings of Paradise Lost. Disc 2 includes further interviews, rehearsal footage, plus backstage and memorabilia sections.

On 13 August 2008, drummer Jeff Singer announced his departure from the band on the Paradise Lost official website. He wanted to be with his family, had an upcoming job, and the then-upcoming South American tour would interfere with that. As a result, Paradise Lost had to cancel the South American tour dates that they had planned. Soon after, on 28 August 2008, the Paradise Lost official website announced that the cancelled South American tour has been reconfirmed and that Mark Heron from Oceansize would take over on drums.

At the beginning of 2009, Paradise Lost recorded their new album with producer Jens Bogren in Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. At the time there was no full-time replacement for Jeff Singer and drums were played by Swedish drummer Peter Damin. On March 16, 2009, when the album was already finished with being recorded, the band recruited Adrian Erlandsson (ex-At the Gates, ex-Cradle of Filth) as a full-time drummer for the band.

On June 18, 2009, Paradise Lost officially announced Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us as the title of their upcoming new album, to be released on Century Media Records on September 25, 2009 in Germanymarker, on September 28, 2009 in the rest of Europe and on October 6, 2009 in the USmarker.


Current members

Former members

  • Matthew Archer – drums (1988-1994)
  • Lee Morris - drums (1994-2004)
  • Jeff Singer - drums (2004-2008)

Session members

  • Mark Heron - touring drums (2008)
  • Peter Damin – studio drums (2009)


Studio albums

Live Recordings


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