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The Parker Middle School dance shooting was an incident that occurred on April 24, 1998 at a restaurant in Edinboromarker, Pennsylvaniamarker, United States. On the day of the shooting, many eighth-grade students of Parker Middle School celebrated their middle school graduation at Nick's Place restaurant nearby the school. The gunman, 14-year-old Andrew Jerome Wurst, killed one teacher and wounded one teacher and two students, before being disarmed by the restaurant owner.

On April 24, 1998 Andrew Wurst fatally shot 48-year-old John Gillette, a teacher at Parker Middle School, at Nick's Place (a nearby restaurant) during an 8th grade graduation dance. The shooting began on an outdoor patio. Before running out of ammunition, Wurst proceeded to enter into Nick's Place where the dance had been held, and subsequently fired and wounded a teacher and two students. The shooting ended when the owner of Nick's Place intervened and held Wurst at gunpoint with a shotgun for eleven minutes until police arrived.

Wurst plead guilty to a lesser charge of third-degree murder along with attempted murder in an attempt to avoid life imprisonment. He is serving a 60-year sentence in a prison for young offenders. He will be eligible for parole in 2029.


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