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The Parliament of Victoria is a bicameral, or two-house, legislature. It comprises the Queen of Australia, the Legislative Assembly or Lower House and the Legislative Council or Upper House. The head of the State Government is the Premier of Victoria.


The British Act of Parliament separating Victoria from New South Wales was signed by Queen Victoria on 5 August 1850, to be followed by enabling legislation passed by the New South Wales Legislative Council on 1 July 1851. This was formally the moment of separation of the Colony of Victoria from New South Wales established by Section 1 of the 1851 Act. [92974]

However, the Parliament was not formed until 1856 to commence responsible government in Victoria. Parliament has sat at Parliament House, Melbournemarker since that time, with the exception of the period 1901-1927. During that time Parliament House was used by the Federal Parliament and the Parliament of Victoria sat at the Royal Exhibition Buildingmarker.


The Parliament has the power to make any laws for the State of Victoriamarker, Australia. This is subject only to limitations placed on it by the Australian Constitution which specifies which matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth (Federal) Government.

The party or coalition with the most seats in the Legislative Assembly is invited by the Governor of Victoria to form a government. The Governor of Victoria is the representative of the Monarch (Queen Elizabeth II), as Head of State, in Victoria. Among the Governor's vice-regal duties are the opening of Parliament and the signing of Acts which are passed by the Victorian Parliament.

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