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Parque Warner Madrid (previously known as Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid and Warner Bros. Park) is a theme park located 25 km southeast of Madridmarker, Spainmarker, in the municipality of San Martín de la Vegamarker. The park opened on April 5, 2002, under the management of the Six Flags chain, with a 5% ownership share held by Time Warner.

In November 2004, the management arrangement with Six Flags was terminated, with the park now managed by Time Warner and numerous Spanish investment groups. The name change to Parque Warner Madrid occurred at the start of 2006.

The park is divided into five themed areas: DC Super Heroes World, Cartoon Village, Old West Territory, Hollywood Boulevard, and Warner Bros. Studios.

Shows and attractions

Among its roller coasters highlights include Superman: The Attraction of Steel, a first in Europe with its floorless trains, Batman: The Escape, an inverted roller coaster, Coaster Express, a wooden coaster and Stunt Fall, a Giant Inverted Boomerang offering guests a vertical drop of 54'4m reaching a top speed of 115 km/h. Another prominent attraction is The Revenge of the Enigma, a structure 100 meters high that drops visitors at 80 km/h.

The latest attraction at the park is The Adventures of Scooby-Doo, an interactive attraction for families, manufactured by US firm Sally Corporations.

The 2006 season saw the premiere of two new shows, Police Academy 2 and Batman Begins, the latter based on the latest movie from Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Both have received good reviews from visitors to the park.

The 2008 season saw two further developments, a family water attraction called Yogi Bear and Bubu and a new show, The Music of Bugs Bunny, based around the glamor of Hollywood in a performance reminiscent of the great Broadway musicals.


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Night view of Warner Park.View of "The Revenge of the Enigma", an attraction about 100 meters high.Inicially Warner Park was thought to compete with Port Aventura and Terra Mitica and a future in the short to medium term measure to Disneyland Resort Paris, said Pilar Azcarraga, former PR of Warner Park in Madrid.

The park was opened on April 5, 2002, and until 2004 was managed by Six Flags, the company managing American amusement parks that Warner Bros using the brand. and manages other facilities in the United States and one in Mexico following the bankruptcy of the parks in Europe.Although in 2003 the Community of Madrid had 40% of the shares, Caja Madrid 20%, 15% Fadesa, El Corte Ingles 5%, 5% NH Hotels and Six Flags only another 5% management the real conducted by the U.S. company in the person of Thomas Merhmann who sources close to the address stated who had three years working in Spain and not yet mastered the language, which gave idea of knowledge of Spanish society. Despite all Six Flags operated the park at their discretion without regard to the board of directors to produce all kinds of situations far less obtrusive.

Endless queues

The staff was low, not to pay too much salary, in addition to being disheartened by temporary contracts (some days) and exhausting shifts of up to six hours without time to go or even to the service. All this made the endless queues and the depletion of the attendees revealed.

The motivation led to several employees to seek voluntary. On one occasion, 56 of them were on the same day .

This is joined by some cases of lack of coordination between sectors, making them neither knew well the park employees.

Finally, the lack of information on waiting times generated even more queues. In recent seasons, these problems were overcome with the advent of the pass Correcaminos, a bracelet with quick access to the attractions and shows with a time of minimal or no waiting.

The director Pilar Azcarraga said in 2002 that the satisfaction of visitors was around 90%, but union sources placed it at 50%.

Without food or water

The restaurants were scarce as the visitors, Azcarraga said that despite his opinion contrary to this belief , and some food was scarce or missing, as well as for customers. It is also not allowed to bring food from outside so that some visitors were leaving the parking lot (without knowing whether they could re-enter), which also led to incidents.

Neither existed public sources where you can drink (in 2008 there were more than 10 public sources of drinking water throughout the enclosure and localized, mostly near the toilets) and, for lack of foresight, beverage vending machines were several days without supplies. This caused several cases of fainting.

A full sun

Being a new park trees are small and therefore had little or no shade. Besides the rest areas, especially roofs, were very low for the visitors. All this, coupled with the previous shortcomings, lowered the degree of satisfaction as much as we would like to express its responsibility to the contrary. According to Javier Escudero for the coming season are planned new areas of shade.

In recent years, all this has changed. The trees have grown, there is more shade and have been installed throughout the park microclimates that make the visit to the site is more refreshing. Slowly, the Warner Park has become a desert island in the middle of nowhere.

Paying for everythingWith the entry were only included attractions and entertainment must pay the parking attendants, with the photos of the dolls Warner, the raincoat water from the mountains ... The management claimed that this difference with other recreational facilities such as the Amusement Park of Madrid is that the Warner Park is a different concept. However, memories, photos and the chusbaqueros-remember, among others, are also not included in the entry of other entertainment venues, such as amusement parks and / or zoos.

In addition to the park own the project from the beginning with the construction of a water park, hotels, golf courses, shopping and leisure areas and residential properties with the intention of creating a tourist resort that could become a holiday destination in itself same. Managing the expectations of the Six Flags included a disproportionate anticipation of visitors that was never fulfilled and therefore the next phases of the project never came to run. Since he left the Six Flags theme park management of the expansion project has been revised several times, and although today there is nothing definitive, the most recent information indicated that part of the land reserved for expansion of the resort could be dedicated to the construction of houses to be able to recoup part of the debt accumulated by the company.

The first season with the team manager Henry Sainz at the helm has yielded results quite hopeful to increase the number of visitors, spending done within the compound, the satisfaction of the visitors and especially from the operating profit has remained close to the 2 million euros, well below the 4 million loss the previous year.

Warner Park Dublin gets the best rating in security, maintenance and leisure offer in a study of 12 parks of our country. Study by CONSUMER (Eroski Group) in June 2006. This year, Warner Park tops the list of security at Amusement Parks and Attractions according to the study of "Cuadernos Security."

Plans for the future

The Community of Madrid, the principal shareholder of the park, has yet to leave the shareholding after reaching an agreement with the municipality of San Martin de la Vega at the end of 2005 to modify the floor of the land owned by the park and building permit a shopping mall, two hotels and an entertainment facility.

The book sale of those shares has been published at the end of May and is awaiting offers from potential buyers interested among those who could find entertainment companies, real estate, hotel chains, and so on. The value of the shares of the Community of Madrid through the company publishes Arpeggios is expected to go from 50 to 200 million euros. It is expected that this plan allows liquidate the debt of the park, and visitors reach figures close to those initially planned. The new management team with Jesus Sainz at the helm as president contemplates 2008 as a possible date for the commencement of the works of the hotels and Water Park.


Roller Coasters

Superman la Atracción de Acero

Flat Rides

  • La venganza del enigma (The Riddler's revenge)

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