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Partita was originally the name for a single instrumental piece of music (16th and 17th centuries), but Johann Kuhnau and later Germanmarker composers (notably Johann Sebastian Bach) used it for collections of musical pieces, as a synonym for suite.

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote two sets of Partitas for different instruments. Those for solo keyboard the composer published as his Opus 1 (known as the Klavier├╝bung I). One additional suite in B minor, the Overture in the French Style (often simply called French Overture) is sometimes also considered a Partita. Bach's Partitas are very rarely called the "German Suites", in analogy with the "national" naming of the English and French Suites. See Partitas for keyboard

Bach also wrote three partitas for solo violin in 1720 which he paired with sonatas. See Sonatas and partitas for solo violin


  • contains the BWV listing including the Partitas (with their tonalities), as well as the French Overture.

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