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Pat Geary is a fictional character portrayed by G.D. Spradlin in the film The Godfather, Part II. He is a U.S. senator from Nevadamarker whose corruption and moral vices are exploited by Michael Corleone.

At the beginning of the film, set in 1958, Geary and his wife attend the First Communion celebration for the son of Michael Corleone, the head of the Corleone crime family. Geary publicly accepts a contribution in the name of Anthony Corleone (Michael's son) ostensibly as a donation for the local public university. While speaking before the large gathering, Geary mispronounces boy's name as "Anthony ", VYE-toe kore-lee-ON instead of VEE-toe kore-lee-OH-nee, and initially misnames Michael Corleone's wife Kay as Pat (his own wife's name).

After the public ceremony, Geary meets with Michael in his office. The Corleone family had obtained control of several casinos in Nevada. Geary offers to help Michael obtain a disputed gaming license in exchange for an exorbitant bribe ($250,000 up front, and 5% of the gross monthly revenues from all four Corleone casinos). Geary qualifies his seemingly outrageous sum by launching into a vitriolic and bigoted attack on Michael, the Corleone family, and Italian Americans in general, calling them "oily-haired" and "dirty." He says that he despises Michael and all he stands for and that he "intend[s] to squeeze" the Corleone family for all he can get. He also demonstrates that he is capable of pronouncing the "Corleone" name reasonably well in the Italian manner, even adding a trill to the R ( ), in contrast with his previous public performance. He gives Michael a day to respond to his offer.

As Geary heads for the door, Michael responds with a suggestion that Geary obtain the gambling license for the Corleones for free, with no bribe and for Geary to pay the $20,000 licensing fee out of his own pocket. Geary laughs and leaves, referring to Michael as "Mr. Core-lee-OWN-ee."

Some time later, Geary spends the night with a prostitute in a brothel run by Fredo, Michael's brother. Having suffered from an alcoholic blackout, he awakens in a bed covered in blood next to the woman, who is dead. The dead prostitute's wrists are handcuffed; her legs spread wide. Geary has no memory of what happened, and is frantic with horror and worry. Tom Hagen arrives on the scene and tells Geary that since the woman has no family, the matter can be safely covered up. Hagen promises Geary, "All that will be left is our friendship." It is implied that the Corleones have engineered this situation, perhaps through drugging the senator. Michael's capo Al Neri is seen in the bathroom wiping his hands with a towel, indicating that it was he who murdered the prostitute.

Subsequently, it appears that the Corleones' "help" with the incident (in other words, blackmail) sways Geary to the family's side. When Michael goes to Havanamarker for a meeting with Hyman Roth and other crime bosses, he also takes the time to associate with several influential figures in government, law, and business. Geary is among this latter group; he greets Michael warmly during a New Year's Eve party held by the Cuban dictator, and later joins them in going to see a live sex show. When chaos erupts on the streets as Fidel Castro comes to power, Geary can be heard loudly demanding entry into the US Embassy.

Later in the movie, when a U.S. Senate committee is investigating organized crime and subpoenas Michael and others to answer to charges of criminal activity, Geary speaks in defense of Italian-Americans, denouncing the stereotyping of them as criminals. However, he also leaves the hearing before Michael testifies.


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