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"Pencil Full Of Lead" is the third single from Paolo Nutini's album, Sunny Side Up. The song was released in the United Kingdommarker on November 2, 2009. So far, the song has peaked at #17 on the UK Singles Charts.


Nutini performed the song on various UK TV Shows including, The Graham Norton Show. Also Nutini and his band "The Vipers", performed the song along with various other album tracks before the album was released at Willton Music Hall. Nutini also performed the song live at the Royal Albert Hallmarker in November 2009 for Children in Need.

Crticial Reception Said:

The fact Paolo Nutini's second album Sunny Side Up still resides in the UK top 10 five months after it was first released in June, speaks volumes. It's songs like new single 'Pencil Full Of Lead' that have elevated the Scottish star from unknown singer-songwriter to a surprise household name and hit-maker in the three years since debut These Streets landed.

Continuing his love of classic sounds like rock-n-roll, folk, soul and jazz, this time Nutini lends his bluesy vocals (which appear to sound more weathered, and far beyond his years every time a new song arrives), to an uptempo ragtime pop track, littered with harmonicas, trumpets and jaunty percussion. Without fear of sounding overly cheesy, it's a timeless hit-in-the-making that'll still sound as feel-good in 30 years time.

While the BBC Said:

This is a sentence everyone should carry round with them at all times. It would solve a lot of tedious chat using words like "vintage" and "seminal" and "authentic", or "cutting-edge" and "innovative" and (absolutely the very very worst worst of all) "zeitgeist".

There are things which are good, and there are things which are not good, and that (as Girls Aloud, who are good) once said, is that.

There are no guest rappers, no modern production effects on his voice, no lyrics about current TV shows, nothing about sleazy sex in hotel rooms, nothing about alienation, nothing about the state of modern urban youth and no disco stick.

He does, however, mention having a pencil full of lead, and if I'm not mistaken, that's a saucy metaphor. Either that or he's been sold a lot of lead-less pencils in his time, and after all, what is a pencil without lead but a stick?

Track Listing

UK CD Single

Music Video

The Music video for the song was added to YouTube on October 20, 2009.The music video shows a clay model of Nutini playing with an all female band. Throughout the song he starts to grope the band leading to one of the dancers slapping him across the face. His head is then squished with bits of clay falling off of him. He then runs away as the girls chase him, hitting a camera and tripping over a wire that the girls set up. The video then ends with the women playing with parts of Nutini, finishing off with one of the girls making a mini-model of him in her hand, with the model trying to hide his naked body from view.

Chart performance

Chart 2009 Peak
UK Singles Chart 17



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