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Pennsylvania Route 272 is a long highway in eastern Pennsylvaniamarker, in the Lancastermarker area. The southern terminus of the route is at the Mason-Dixon Linemarker southeast of Nottinghammarker, where it continues into Marylandmarker as Maryland Route 272. The northern terminus is at U.S. Route 222 and Pennsylvania Route 568 in Adamstownmarker, where PA 568 continues eastward on the PA 272 right-of-way.

Route description

PA 272 is mostly in Lancaster Countymarker, except for about a mile at the northern terminus where it enters Berks Countymarker and the southernmost part of the route, which is in Chester Countymarker. In downtown Lancastermarker, it is hidden but merged with US 222.

Maryland State Line to Lancaster

The southern terminus of PA 272 is at the Marylandmarker state line in East Nottingham Townshipmarker in Chester Countymarker where it continues as Maryland Route 272. north of the Mayland State Line, it meets US 1 at an interchange. At this point PA 272 enters Lancaster Countymarker. In Wakefieldmarker, it merges with US 222 for about a mile. In East Drumore Townshipmarker, it meets with PA 372. In Willow Streetmarker, it splits before meeting with PA 741 and merging with US 222 into Lancastermarker. In the southern tip of Lancaster, 272 and US 222 meet with the northern terminus of PA 324.

Lancaster to Adamstown

Lancaster, PA 272 is hidden but is routed with US 222. South of the downtown area of Lancaster, it meets the southern terminus of PA 72. In Lancaster, it meets with the PA 23 and PA 462 concurrency. Outside of Lancaster, PA 272 splits from US 222 (which forms a concurrency with US 30). About north of Neffsvillemarker, it meets the eastern terminus of PA 722. Near Brownstown, it meets with PA 772. In Ephratamarker, it shares an interchange with US 322. Near Denver marker, PA 272 meets the connector to the Pa Turnpike/ I-76 and US 222. Just south of Adamstownmarker, it intersects PA 897 in East Cocalico Townshipmarker. A mile east of Adamstown and in Berks Countymarker, the route ends at an interchange with US 222 and continues as PA 568.


PA 272 was signed in 1928. In 1965, the northern terminus was moved from the Fulton Townshipmarker community of Wakefield to Willow Streetmarker, south of Lancastermarker. In 1975, the northern terminus was moved from Willow Street to the Pennsylvania Turnpike connector in Denvermarker. For a portion of this period, the roadway followed State Street through Ephratamarker, Reamstownmarker, and Denver. In 1978, the northern terminus was moved to its current location.

Former designations

Major intersections


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