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Pennsylvania Route 283 (PA Route 283 or PA 283, officially State Route 300 or SR 300 due to the presence of Interstate 283) is a long state highway in the U.S. state of Pennsylvaniamarker. It connects Harrisburgmarker to Lancastermarker as a freeway, paralleling the old U.S. Route 230 (now partly Pennsylvania Route 230). The number was assigned based on the proximity of Interstate 283, but Interstate 283 and PA 283 are not the same roadway; the two intersect at a cloverleaf interchange. Because the road is built to Interstate Standards, it is one of the few non-interstate designated highways in Pennsylvaniamarker with a posted Speed Limit of for a considerable distance.

Route description

Dauphin County

PA 283 begins at an intersection with Eisenhower Boulevard (Quadrant Route 3001) near Highspiremarker that connects to Pennsylvania Route 230. PA 283 is one of few Pennsylvania Highways to end at a Quadrant Route. From there, PA 283 intersects Interstate 283 at exit 1 and Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) at exit 247 (Harrisburgmarker East exit) at a cloverleaf interchange. East of I-283 and I-76, PA 283 is a long freeway. In Lower Swatara Townshipmarker, PA 283 has an exit to a freeway road (Quadrant Route 3032) that connects to Harrisburg International Airportmarker and Pennsylvania Route 441. This exit has access to Penn State Harrisburgmarker. East of PA 441, PA 283 has an exit to Union Street and Fulling Mill Road which are detours to PA 441. After crossing the Swatara Creek and entering Londonderry Township, PA 283 has an exit to Hummelstownmarker on Vine Street. In Middletownmarker, PA 283 passes over I-76/PA Turnpike and Pennsylvania Route 341. The next exit is an exit that leads to both PA 341 and PA 230.

Lancaster County

The first exit in Lancaster Countymarker is an exit to Pennsylvania Route 743. Just east of PA 743, PA 283 passes over Pennsylvania Route 241. In Mount Joymarker, PA 283 has an exit to Rheemsmarker and Elizabethtownmarker. In Rapho Townshipmarker, PA 283 interchanges with Pennsylvania Route 772. The next exit is split up into two interchanges that lead to the eastern terminus of PA 230 on the Harrisburg Pike. (East of here, PA 283 has a narrow median strip as it is using old Route 230.} In East Hempfield Townshipmarker, PA 283 interchanges with Spooky Nook Road to Salungamarker. The next exit is a diamond interchange with the western terminus of Pennsylvania Route 722. In Manheim Township, PA 283 interchanges with Pennsylvania Route 741 and Pennsylvania Route 72. PA 283 terminates (ends) at an interchange with U.S. Route 30 in Lancastermarker. The first exit is to US 30 west, then the second exit is to Fruitville Pike, and the final exit is to US 30 east.


This designation has moved around southeast Pennsylvaniamarker many times. From 1928 to 1946, the route was marked between Monacacy and Monacacy Station in Berks County.In 1949, the section from the Mount Joymarker interchange to PA 72 opened. In 1951, construction began on the section from PA 72 to US 30, and opened in 1952.

In 1971, the designation was revived for the Harrisburgmarker-to-Lancastermarker expressway project. In 1972, the section from Eisenhower Boulevard to PA 743 opened to traffic and marked the completion of the expressway.

Exit list

County Location Mile # Destinations Notes
Dauphinmarker Lower Swatara Townshipmarker 0.0
PA 230 - Eisenhower Blvd.

(SR 3001)
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance.
0.1 I-76/Pennsylvania Turnpike - Philadelphiamarker, Pittsburghmarker Harrisburg East exit of PA Turnpike
I-283 north - Harrisburgmarker
PA 441 south, Harrisburg International Airportmarker (SR 3032)
Penn State Harrisburgmarker
PA 441 - North Union Street, Fulling Mill Road (SR 2041)
Londonderry Townshipmarker 3.9 Middletownmarker, Hummelstownmarker (SR 2003)
PA 230/PA 341 - Toll House Road (SR 2023)
Lancastermarker Mount Joy Townshipmarker 11.6 PA 743 - Hersheymarker, Elizabethtownmarker
15.0 Rheemsmarker, Elizabethtownmarker (SR 4025)
Rapho Townshipmarker 20.0 PA 772 - Manheimmarker, Mount Joymarker
21.2 Esbenshade Road Eastbound Exit, Westbound Entrance
21.8 PA 230 - Mount Joymarker (SR 4047) Eastern terminus of PA 230, Westbound exit, Eastbound entrance.
East Hempfield Townshipmarker 22.5 Spooky Nook Road - Salungamarker (SR 4001)
25.4 PA 722 - Landisvillemarker Western terminus of PA 722. Continues westbound as State Rd.
27.0 PA 741 - Millersvillemarker, East Petersburgmarker
Manheim Townshipmarker 27.8 PA 72 - Manheim Pike
Lancastermarker 28.4
US 30 west - Yorkmarker
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance.
28.7 Fruitville Pike (SR 4011; SR 4042) Eastbound exit and westbound entrance.
US 30 east - Philadelphiamarker
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance.


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