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The Pennsylvania State Senate is the upper house of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, the Pennsylvaniamarker state legislature. The State Senate meets in the State Capitolmarker building in Harrisburgmarker. Senators are elected for four years in terms staggered such that half of the seats are contested at each election.

The Senate is made up of 50 members who are elected by district. As of 2009, the current party breakdown is 30 Republicans and 20 Democrats. The President of the Senate is the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, who has no vote except in the event of an otherwise tie vote.

In 2002, a State Senate district had an average population of 245,621 residents.

Senate Leadership

President Pro Tempore: Joe Scarnati (R)
Majority Party (R) Leadership Position Minority Party (D)
Dominic Pileggi Floor Leader Bob Mellow
Jake Corman Appropriations Committee Chairman Jay Costa
Jane Orie Whip Michael A. O'Pake
Mike Waugh Caucus Chairman Vincent Hughes
Bob Robbins Caucus Secretary Sean Logan
Pat Browne Caucus Administrator Christine Tartaglione
Edwin Erickson Policy Committee Chairman Rich Kasunic


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 28 21 49 1
Begin 29 20 49 1
March 17, 2009 30 20 50 0
July 28, 2009 29 20 49 1
Ocotber 19, 2009 30 20 50 0
Latest voting share 60.0% 40.0%

Members of the Pennsylvania State Senate

Pennsylvania Senate Districts colored by party:
District Representative Party Residence Counties Represented Term Ends
1 Larry Farnese Democratic Philadelphiamarker Philadelphiamarker 2012
2 Christine Tartaglione Democratic Philadelphiamarker Philadelphiamarker 2010
3 Shirley Kitchen Democratic Philadelphiamarker Philadelphiamarker 2012
4 LeAnna Washington Democratic Philadelphiamarker Montgomerymarker, Philadelphiamarker 2010
5 Michael J. Stack III Democratic Philadelphiamarker Philadelphiamarker 2012
6 Tommy Tomlinson Republican Bensalemmarker Bucksmarker 2010
7 Vincent Hughes Democratic Philadelphiamarker Montgomerymarker, Philadelphiamarker 2012
8 Anthony H. Williams Democratic Philadelphiamarker Delawaremarker, Philadelphiamarker 2010
9 Dominic Pileggi Republican Chestermarker Chestermarker, Delawaremarker 2012
10 Charlie McIlhinney Republican Doylestownmarker Bucksmarker, Montgomerymarker 2010
11 Michael A. O'Pake Democratic Readingmarker Berksmarker 2012
12 Stewart Greenleaf Republican Willow Grovemarker Bucksmarker, Montgomerymarker 2010
13 Lloyd Smucker Republican Lancastermarker Lancastermarker, Yorkmarker 2012
14 Raphael Musto Democratic Pittstonmarker Carbonmarker, Luzernemarker 2010
15 Jeffrey Piccola Republican Susquehanna Townshipmarker Dauphinmarker, Yorkmarker 2012
16 Pat Browne Republican Allentownmarker Lehighmarker, Monroemarker, Northamptonmarker 2010
17 Daylin Leach Democratic Upper Merion Townshipmarker Delawaremarker, Montgomerymarker 2012
18 Lisa Boscola Democratic Bethlehemmarker Lehighmarker, Monroemarker, Northamptonmarker 2010
19 Andy Dinniman Democratic West Chestermarker Chestermarker, Montgomerymarker 2012
20 Lisa Baker Republican Dallasmarker Luzernemarker, Monroemarker, Pikemarker, Susquehannamarker, Waynemarker, Wyomingmarker 2010
21 Mary Jo White Republican Franklinmarker Butlermarker, Clarionmarker, Eriemarker, Forestmarker, Venangomarker, Warrenmarker 2012
22 Bob Mellow Democratic Blakelymarker Lackawannamarker, Luzernemarker, Monroemarker 2010
23 Eugene Yaw Republican Loyalsock Townshipmarker Bradfordmarker, Lycomingmarker, Sullivanmarker, Susquehannamarker, Unionmarker 2012
24 Bob Mensch Republican Marlborough Township, Pennsylvaniamarker Bucksmarker, Lehighmarker, Montgomerymarker, Northamptonmarker 2010
25 Joe Scarnati Republican Brockwaymarker Cameronmarker, Clearfieldmarker, Elkmarker, Jeffersonmarker, McKeanmarker, Pottermarker, Tiogamarker, Warrenmarker 2012
26 Ted Erickson Republican Newtown Squaremarker Chestermarker, Delawaremarker 2010
27 John Gordner Republican Berwickmarker Columbiamarker, Dauphinmarker, Luzernemarker, Montourmarker, Northumberlandmarker, Snydermarker 2012
28 Mike Waugh Republican Yorkmarker Yorkmarker 2010
29 Dave Argall Republican Rush Townshipmarker Berksmarker, Carbonmarker, Lehighmarker, Monroemarker, Northamptonmarker, Schuylkillmarker 2012
30 John Eichelberger Republican Duncansvillemarker Bedfordmarker, Blairmarker, Fultonmarker, Huntingdonmarker, Mifflinmarker 2010
31 Pat Vance Republican Silver Spring Townshipmarker Cumberlandmarker, Yorkmarker 2012
32 Rich Kasunic Democratic Dunbarmarker Fayettemarker, Somersetmarker, Washingtonmarker, Westmorelandmarker 2010
33 Richard Alloway Republican Hamilton Township, Franklin Co.marker Adamsmarker, Franklinmarker, Yorkmarker 2012
34 Jake Corman Republican Benner Township Centremarker, Juniatamarker, Mifflinmarker, Perrymarker, Unionmarker 2010
35 John Wozniak Democratic Johnstownmarker Cambriamarker, Centremarker, Clearfieldmarker, Clintonmarker, Somersetmarker 2012
36 Mike Brubaker Republican Ephratamarker Chestermarker, Lancastermarker 2010
37 John Pippy Republican Moon Townshipmarker Alleghenymarker, Washingtonmarker 2012
38 Jim Ferlo Democratic Pittsburghmarker Alleghenymarker, Armstrongmarker, Westmorelandmarker 2010
39 Kim Ward Republican Hempfield Township Westmorelandmarker 2012
40 Jane Orie Republican McCandlessmarker Alleghenymarker, Butlermarker 2010
41 Don White Republican Indianamarker Armstrongmarker, Clearfieldmarker, Indianamarker, Westmorelandmarker 2012
42 Wayne Fontana Democratic Pittsburghmarker Alleghenymarker 2010
43 Jay Costa Democratic Forest Hillsmarker Alleghenymarker 2012
44 John Rafferty, Jr. Republican Collegevillemarker Berksmarker, Chestermarker, Montgomerymarker 2010
45 Sean Logan Democratic Monroevillemarker Alleghenymarker, Westmorelandmarker 2012
46 Barry Stout Democratic Bentleyvillemarker Alleghenymarker, Beavermarker, Greenemarker, Washingtonmarker, Westmorelandmarker 2010
47 Elder Vogel Republican New Sewickley Townshipmarker Alleghenymarker, Beavermarker, Lawrencemarker 2012
48 Mike Folmer Republican Lebanonmarker Berksmarker, Dauphinmarker, Lancastermarker, Lebanonmarker 2010
49 Jane Earll Republican Eriemarker Eriemarker 2012
50 Bob Robbins Republican Greenvillemarker Butlermarker, Crawfordmarker, Lawrencemarker, Mercermarker 2010

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  1. Republican James J. Rhoades of the 29th District died October 18, 2008 and was re-elected posthumously in November 2008.
  2. Republican Dave Argall won a special election to succeed Rhoades held March 3.
  3. Republican Rob Wonderling of the 24th District resigned July 28, 2009.
  4. Republican Bob Mensch of the 24th District seated October 19, 2009.

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