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People's National Party
Leader Portia Simpson-Miller
Robert Pickersgill
Lisa Hanna
Established 1938
Headquarters Kingstonmarker, Jamaicamarker
Political ideology Democratic socialism,
Social democracy
Possible Caribbean Parliament Groups Caribbean parliament
International affiliation Socialist International
The People's National Party (PNP) is a democratic socialist Jamaicanmarker political party, founded by Norman Manley in 1938. It is the oldest political party in the Anglophone Caribbean and one of the main two political parties in Jamaica. Out of the two major parties, it is considered more to the left than its main rival, the Jamaica Labour Party. They have held majorities in the Jamaican Parliament twice; firstly between 1972 to 1980 and again from 1989 to September 2007, when the JLP won the general election. The party is a member of the Socialist International.

The PNP was defeated in the first universal suffrage elections held in Jamaica in 1944, winning only four of the 32 seats (one elected independent joined the party afterwards). It came to office in 1955, and held office until just before independence in 1962. It was defeated by its principal rival the Jamaica Labour Party. During this period of government it promoted actively reformist social democratic policies, including opening secondary education to many poorer Jamaicans through state funding of scholarships.

Ten years later, under the leadership of its founder's son, Michael Manley, it returned to office committed to democratic socialism and a third-worldist foreign policy. In 1980, the Jamaica Labour Party led by Edward Seaga overwhelmingly defeated it, after several years characterized by inflation and rising unemployment, and in a campaign noteworthy for an alarming level of violence. Manley led the party in a boycott of the snap election called in 1983, and the party was absent from parliament for more than five years.

In 1989 it was returned to office under Manley's leadership. Manley retired from politics in 1992, and was replaced as party leader by Percival Noel James Patterson. Patterson led the PNP to victory in 1993, 1997, and 2002, becoming the first political leader in Jamaican history to win three successive general elections. At the elections, on 16 October 2002, the party won 52.2% of the popular vote and 34 out of the 60 seats in the House of Representatives. Since its return to office in 1989 it has pursued policies intended to take advantage of globalization, and has substantially moderated or even abandoned the socialist rhetoric of the 1970s. On 26 February 2006, Portia Simpson-Miller was elected as Patterson's successor, becoming the first female president of the PNP and became the Prime Minister of Jamaica. The PNP recently lost the office in August 2007 to the JLP and their leader Bruce Golding.

As electoral symbols, it uses a head and the colours red, orange and yellow.

List of party presidents

The People's National Party has devoted most of their times assisting the country with a variety of useful resources such as making highway 2000 which was done by PJ Patterson and completing the Norman Manley International Airport by Portia Simpson Miller.


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