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"PerfektHimmelblauBreit" [PerfectSky-blueStoned] are three songs and a Triple A-side-single by the Germanmarker punk rock band, Die Ärzte. The songs are the 8th, 1st and 3rd tracks released from their 2007 album Jazz ist anders.

Track listing

  1. Perfekt (Felsenheimer) - 2:35
  2. Himmelblau (Urlaub) - 3:16
  3. Breit (González/González, Urlaub) - 3:14
  4. PerfektHimmelblauBreit (Flashgame with the music-video)

The video

The video is divided into three parts, for every song there is a video but all together have the same concept: They set in the year 2046, in Berlinmarker in a modern nursing home (Bela is 84 years old, Farin 83, Rodrigo 76).

The three videos can be distinguish at the beginning already: In "Himmelblau" flies a turquoise jet-car, in "Breit" a darkgreen jet-car and in "Perfekt" a darkred jet-car.

All three videos start by two doctors with a trolley drive to a door and then enter a code. Then the door opens and you see one computer to the name, the age and the status stands. In the line status always stand the title of the song. The two doctors then give everyone a syringe.

In "Himmelblau" star Farin Urlaub, in "Perfekt" Bela B., in "Breit" Rodrigo González as old men. The two names of the doctors are "Bernd" and "Mandy".
  • Bernd because of the line: "...Doch dann kam Bernd mit dem Zeugs verbei..." (...But then came the drugs by Bernd...) in the song "Breit"
  • Mandy because of the line: "...Oh, Mandy. Die kleine Candy-Mandy..." (...Oh Mandy, the little candy-Mandy!...) in the song "Perfekt"

The video premiere was on November 17, 2009 at 05.30 pm on MTV.

The Flashgame

Select First have to get a musician (Farin Urlaub=light, Rodrigo González=medium, Bela B.=difficulty) then click the right mouse button and the musician proposes the doctors with his instrument (Farin with his guitar, Rod with his bassguitar, Bela with his sticks). At the end you stand in front of the door to your room and the score is shown on the door.

The vinyl version

The vinyl will be a 12" picture disc with a built-in "random generator".


The vinyl's instead of the usual groove, which makes a rule in a spiral from the outside into the middle of the vinyl, this is a triple Helix-groove, three parallel grooves, each consist of a song. If the listener has the cartridge, he can not control what song is played.

On the B-side is the video in "still image version".

Track listing

  1. HimmelblauPerfektBreit (mit eingebautem Zufallsgenerator) [with built-in random generator]
  1. HimmelblauPerfektBreit video (Standbild-version) ["still image version"]

Release date

The single will be released with the DVD "Overkiller" on December 4 2009.

Other names

The single is called by different names:
  • PerfektHimmelblauBreit
  • HimmelblauPerfektBreit
  • PerfektBreitHimmelblau
  • BreitHimmelblauPerfekt

The video is in the order: "Perfekt", "Himmelblau", "Breit"

The tracklist is as yet unclear.


"Perfekt" ("perfect") is a punk rock song by Die Ärzte. It's the eighth track from the album Jazz ist anders. The song is about perfection.


"Himmelblau" ("Sky-blue") is a punk rock song by Die Ärzte. It's the first track from the album Jazz ist anders. The song is about the blue sky and your life.


"Breit" ("Stoned" lit.:"wide") is a punk rock song by Die Ärzte. It's the third track from the album Jazz ist anders.


All References are German.

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