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The period after opening symbol or PAO symbol is a graphic symbol that identifies the useful lifetime of a cosmetics product after its package has been opened for the first time. It depicts an open cosmetics pot and is used together with a written number of months or years.

In the European Union, cosmetics products with a shelf-life of at least 30 months are not required to carry a "best used before end of ..." date. Instead, there has to be "an indication of the period of time after opening for which the product can be used without any harm to the consumer". The EU Cosmetics Directive defines in Annex VIIIa the language-neutral open-jar symbol, which manufacturers should use to indicate this period.

The time period is most often represented compactly as a number of months, followed by the letter "M", as in "36M" for a period of three years, written either onto the front side of the depicted pot, or to the right of it. The letter "M" is the initial for the word month not only in English, but also in Latin (mensis), Spanish (mes), French (mois), German (Monat), Italian (mese), Dutch (maand), Danish and Norwegian (måned), Polish (miesiąc), Russian (месяц), Serbian (месец), Greek (μήνας), Swedish (månad), Irish (mí), Portuguese (mês), Latvian (mēnesis), Lithuanian (mėnesio) and many other languages. It is also used in the ISO 8601 duration notation.File:5 PAO 12M 2007-07-12.jpg|PAO symbol on a bottle of mouthwashFile:4 PAO 12M 2007-07-12.jpg|PAO symbol, along with the Green Dot symbol and resin identification code on a bottle of lotion.File:2 PAO 30M 2007-07-12.jpg|PAO symbol on a bottle of shower gel.


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