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The peripheries (Περιφέρειες) (more properly "regions", in English) are the official regional administrative divisions of Greecemarker. There are 13 peripheries (nine on the mainland and four island groups), which are further subdivided into 54 prefectures.

Traditionally, and also officially until 1987, there were 10 geographical Regions of Greece, which are still sometimes used in popular discourse. These are not to be confused with the new peripheries, even though the latter are largely based on the former, because there are areas of divergence. For example, the new periphery of the Peloponnese does not include all of the landmass traditionally known as the Peloponnese; the excluded part now finds itself in the periphery of Western Greece.

Map showing Peripheries of Greece
  1. Atticamarker
  2. Central Greece
  3. Central Macedonia
  4. Cretemarker
  5. East Macedonia and Thrace
  6. Epirus
  7. Ionian Islandsmarker
  8. North Aegean
  9. Peloponnesemarker
  10. South Aegean
  11. Thessaly
  12. West Greece
  13. West Macedonia

Bordering the periphery of Central Macedonia there is one autonomous region, Mount Athos (Ayion Oros, or "Holy Mountain"), a monastic state under Greek sovereignty. It is located on the easternmost of the three large "fingers" jutting into the Aegeanmarker from the Chalcidicemarker peninsula.

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