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A philomath ( ) is a lover of learning, from Greek philos ("beloved," "loving," as in philosophy or philanthropy) + Greek manthanein, math- ("to learn," as in polymath). It is similar to but distinguished from philosophy in that "soph," the latter suffix, specifies "wisdom" or "knowledge."

"Philomath" is not synonymous with "polymath." A philomath is a seeker of knowledge and facts, while a polymath is a possessor of knowledge in multiple fields.

The shift in meaning for "mathema" is likely a result of the rapid categorization during the time of Plato and Aristotle of their "mathemata" in terms of education: arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music, which the Greeks found to create a "natural grouping" of mathematical (in our modern usage; "doctrina mathematica" for theirs) precepts.

Additional terms: philomathy (fil-O-math-ee), the practice of a love of learning or letters.

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