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Plavje ( ) is a village in the Kopermarker Municipality in the Littoral region of Sloveniamarker.It is located on the northernmost edge of the Istrianmarker peninsula, on the border with Italymarker, on a small hill overlooking the Gulf of Triestemarker.

It has a small border crossing with Italy, connecting it with the nearby village of Belpoggio in Noghere ( ), south of Triestemarker, which until 1954 used to be a hamlet of Plavje. Since Slovenia's accession to the European Union and the Schengen area, customs and immigration checks have been abolished at the Italian-Slovenian border.

During most of its history, Plavje was part of the municipality of Muggiamarker. In 1954, after the dissolution of the Free Territory of Trieste and the revision of the Morgan Line, it was incorporated into the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviamarker, thus cutting off its connections with the settlements of Muggia, Dolinamarker and Triestemarker, which were left in Italy. Since then, it has been gravitating towards Koper.

Plavje enjoys a mild climate, safe for the strong Bora wind which frequently blows in the winter. It is an important center of olive oil production. It also produces some quality wines, especially refosco and malvasia.

It is known in Slovenia for having been the village in which the first cell of the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People in Slovenian Istriamarker was organized in December 1941.

The local church is dedicated to the Saint Lucy and belongs to the Škofijemarker Parish.


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