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Pleven Province ( ) or Plevenska Oblast ( ) is a province located in central northern Bulgariamarker, bordering the Danube river, Romaniamarker and the Bulgarian provinces of Vratsamarker, Veliko Tarnovomarker and Lovechmarker. Pleven Province embraces a territory of 4,333.54 km² and a population of 310,449. The capital is the city of Plevenmarker.


The following Bulgarian terms may be used:
  • Плевенска област (Plevenska oblast)
  • Област Плевен (Oblast Pleven)
  • Плевенски окръг (Plevenski okrag), obsolete
  • Окръг Плевен (Okrag Pleven), obsolete


The province is part of the central Danubian Plainmarker. It is crossed from south to north by the rivers Iskar, Vitmarker and Osam (in west-east order); the river valleys are separated by limestone plateaus.

Administrative subdivision

Map of Pleven Province with municipal centres marked
Pleven Province is subdivided into the following municipalities (община / obshtina).


According to the 2001 census, the population of the province is 311,985, of which Bulgarians constitute an overwhelming majority of 280,475. 16,931 signed as Turks (though this number very likely also includes many Roma) and 9,777 as Roma.

In terms of religion, 275,112 declared to be Eastern Orthodox, 15,681 Muslim and 7,065 Roman Catholic (second largest number in the country).

283,626 people specified Bulgarian as their mother tongue, 14,947 declared to speak Turkish at home, while the native speakers of Roma are 8,861.

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