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Politiets Aktionsstyrke (AKS) is the special forces unit of the Danish police.

AKS is a national SWAT unit. It is meant to handle extraordinarily difficult or life-threatening criminal situations, such as terrorism, hostage situations, and kidnapping. It also deals with emergency rescue situations that would be too dangerous for others to handle. The AKS holds responsibility for all anti-terror and counter-terrorism missions in Denmark. It is known that AKS cross-trains with the army and navy elite-units J√¶gerkorpset and Fr√łmandskorpset.

AKS led the operation of clearing and evicting the anarchist and leftist groups from Ungdomshusetmarker on March 1, 2007

Other duties include
  • Counter sniper operation.
  • Forced entrance operations.
  • Apprehension of armed suspects.
  • Apprehension of barricaded suspects.
  • Force protection during deployment.


The unit's operational functions are closely guarded secrets, so not much is known. What has been published is that the unit was created just after the Munich Summer Olympic incident in 1972.In 1998 the unit was re-organized to include a fixed force of roughly 100 police officers; it previously "borrowed" officers from regular units on an as needed basis.The Unit is supposed to be transferred to the responsibility of the Danish Security Intelligence Service.


AKS is led by Rigspolitiet, but soon it will be under PET.


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