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Popeye the Sailor was an animated TV series produced for syndication through King Features Syndicate that ran from 1960 to 1962 for 220 episodes. Episodes are grouped by production studios: Larry Harmon Pictures, Rembrandt Films/Halas and Batchelor, Gerald Ray Studios, Jack Kinney Productions and Paramount Cartoon Studios. The executive producer of the series was Al Brodax.

Show history

After the success of the original Popeye theatrical shorts produced from 1933 to 1957 and originally released by Paramount Pictures which were sold to Associated Artists Productions and shown on the air, King Features commissioned a new series of cartoons for television syndication starring the one-eyed spinach-loving sailor man and company (for these cartoons, Bluto's name was changed to Brutus). Though produced with a lower budget the cartoons were a huge ratings success and children loved them. They were aired in syndication in the United Statesmarker well into the 1990s. The episodes featured many characters from the original Thimble Theatre comic strip not seen in the theatrical series including the Sea Hag, Toar, Rough House and King Blozo. This series marked the last time Mae Questel would voice Olive Oyl.

List of episodes (220)

Larry Harmon Pictures

  • Muskels Shmuskels
  • Floppy Jalopy
  • Dead-Eye Popeye
  • Mueller's Mad Monster
  • Caveman Capers
  • Bullfighter Bully
  • Ace of Space
  • College of Hard Knocks
  • Abominable Snowman
  • Ski Jump Chump
  • Irate Pirate
  • Foola-Foola Bird
  • Uranium on the Cranium
  • Two-Faced Paleface
  • Childhood Daze
  • Sheepish Sheepherder
  • Track Meet Cheat
  • Crystal Ball Brawl

Rembrandt Films/Halas and Batchelor

Gerald Ray Studios

Jack Kinney Productions

Paramount Cartoon Studios


Eighty-five of the 1960s Popeye cartoons were released on DVD by Koch Vision in a three-disc DVD set entitled Popeye's 75th Anniversary.

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