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Port Said (Arabic بورسعيد transliterated ) is a northeastern Egyptianmarker city near the Suez Canalmarker, with an approximate population of 515,007 (2001).

The economic base of Port Said is fishing and industries, like chemicals, processed food, and cigarettes. Port Said is also an important harbour both for exports of Egyptian products like cotton and rice, but also a fueling station for ships that pass through the Suez Canal. Port Said also thrives on being a duty-free port, as well as a summer resort for Egyptians.

There are numerous old houses with grand balconies on all floors, giving the city a distinctive look. Port Said's twin city is Port Fouadmarker, which lies on the eastern side of the canal. The two cities coexist, to the extent that there hardly is any town centre in Port Fouad. The cities are connected by free ferries running all through the day, and together they form a metropolitan area with over a million residents.

The diocese of Port-Said for the Coptic Orthodox Church was founded in 1976 by his grace Bishop Tadros. In 1993, the late subdeacon Nosshy Attia Anbary wrote the history of the diocese in Arabic.

In addition to its port, the city is served by Port Said Airportmarker.

The port

The port is bordered, seaward, by an imaginary line from the western breakwater boundary till the eastern breakwater end. And from the Suez Canal area, it is bordered by an imaginary line extending transversely from the southern bank of the Canal connected to Manzala Lake, and the railways arcade livestock.

Navigation Channels

Main Channel
  • Length:
  • Depth:

East Verge Channel
  • Length:
  • Depth:

Approach Area

Port Said Canal in 1880
Two breakwaters protect the port entrance channel: the western breakwater is about long, and the eastern breakwater is approximately .

Dwelling Area

Suez Canal Administration Building
The Suez Canal dwelling area is situated between latitudes 31° 21' N and 31° 25' N and longitudes 32° 16.2°' E and 32° 20.6' E. where vessels awaiting to accede Port Said port stay whether to join the North convoy to transit the Suez Canal to carry out stevedoring operations or to be supplied with provisions and bunkers. The dwelling area is divided into two sections:

The Northern Area is allocated for vessels with deep drafts. The Southern Area is for all vessel types.

Sister Cities

Notable natives


Port Said has a Mediterranean climate, with moderate summers and winters. The city witnesses average rainfall during winters. Sleet and hail are also common.

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File:PortSaidEgypt2 byDanielCsorfoly.JPG|Port Said coastlineImage:A unique house of Port Said.JPG|The unique type of houses in Port Said making use of ArchesImage:Port said eglise cophete.jpg|Port Said (postcard around 1915)File:Port Said.jpg|File:Port Said 10.jpg|Street in Port SaidFile:Port Said 13.jpg|Downtown Port SaidFile:Port Said 14.jpg|Port Said downtown

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