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There are over 200 ports in the Baltic Sea. When only those ports that handle minimum of 50 000 tonnes of cargo annually, and where at least part of this cargo is international, are taken into account the number of ports reaches approximately 190. In 2008, the total amount of cargo handled in the Baltic Sea ports amounted to 822.4 million tonnes, which is 0.4 per cent less than in 2007. Primorsk, Saint Petersburg and Gothenburg were the biggest ports in the Baltic Sea in 2008. Together the three top ports handled over one fifth of total cargo volumes in the Baltic Sea in 2008.

This table lists statistics (2002) (Gdańskmarker, Świnoujściemarker, Szczecinmarker and Helsinkimarker - 2004)( Klaipėdamarker, Lübeckmarker and Rostockmarker - 2005)(Gdyniamarker - 2006) (Rigamarker, Liepajamarker and Tallinn - 2008) for the major ports of the Baltic Seamarker. Container traffic is given in terms of Twenty-foot equivalent units of cargo.

Authority Country City Tons Containers TEU Passengers
Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft Germanymarker Lübeckmarker/Travemündemarker 27,590,000 55,677 1,340,000
Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft Rostock Germanymarker Rostockmarker 22,900,000 2,220,000
Port of Gdańskmarker authority Polandmarker Gdańskmarker 17,781,002 185,661 188,392
Port of Gdyniamarker authority Polandmarker Gdyniamarker 14,199,000 461,170 460,231
Port of Policemarker authority Polandmarker Police, Polandmarker 2,445,500 - 23
Port of Szczecin Polandmarker Szczecinmarker 9,965,300 38,025 123
Port of Świnoujście Polandmarker Świnoujściemarker 9,241,500 4,517 929,899
Szczecin-Świnoujście Seaports authority Polandmarker Świnoujściemarker, Szczecinmarker 19,215,900 42,542 930,022
Sea Commercial Port of Kaliningrad Russiamarker Kaliningradmarker 2,719,000 21,313 0
Port of Klaipėdamarker of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority Lithuaniamarker Klaipėdamarker 21,768,000 214,307 214,730
Free port of Ventspilsmarker Authority Latviamarker Ventspilsmarker 37,937,000 219 8,370
Free port of Liepaja Authority Latviamarker Liepajamarker 4,188,000
Freeport of Riga Latviamarker Rigamarker 29,566,000 127,459 503,594
Port of Tallinn authority Estoniamarker Tallinnmarker 29,100,000 180,927 7,250,000
JSC Sea port of St Petersburg Russiamarker Saint Petersburgmarker 23,210,200 456,836
Primorskmarker Oil Terminal Russiamarker Primorskmarker 76,500,000
Port of Helsinki Finlandmarker Helsinkimarker 11,652,000 472,000 8,700,000
Port of Pori Finlandmarker Porimarker 5,531,953 61,048
Port of Kotka Finlandmarker Kotkamarker 8,167,941 370,000
Port of Rauma Finlandmarker Raumamarker 6,320,217 115,821
Port of Turku Finlandmarker Turkumarker 3,900,000 4,500,000
Ports of Stockholm Swedenmarker Stockholmmarker 4,705,000 36,400 9,700,000
Port of Oxelösund Swedenmarker Oxelösundmarker 7,539,000
Port of Trelleborg Swedenmarker Trelleborgmarker 10,336,000 2,000,000+
Copenhagen Malmö Port Denmarkmarker/Swedenmarker Copenhagenmarker/Malmömarker 18,000,000 194,000 1,300,000
Port of Helsingborg Swedenmarker Helsingborgmarker 7,107,000


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