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Poschiavo ( , , ) is a municipality in the district of Berninamarker in the canton of Graubündenmarker in Switzerlandmarker.


Poschiavo is first mentioned in 824 as in Postclave though this comes from a later copy of the original document.. In 1140 it was mentioned as de Pusclauio. It was formerly known by the German name of Puschlav.


Lago di Poschiavo
Poschiavo has an area, , of . Of this area, 19.8% is used for agricultural purposes, while 32.1% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 1.8% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (46.2%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains).

The municipality is located in the Poschiavo sub-district of the Bernina district. It is located in the Val Poschiavomarker, one of the four valleys of the Italian Graubünden, where the official language is Italian. The other valleys are Val Bregagliamarker, Mesolcinamarker and Calancamarker. It consists of the village of Poschiavo and numerous hamlets.

Poschiavo has its own lake, called Lago di Poschiavomarker, which is located to the south of the village.


The only connection to Engadinmarker is the Bernina Passmarker. It is connected by a road and the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) on the Tiranomarker-St. Moritzmarker line.


Poschiavo has a population ( ) of 3,490, of which 8.2% are foreign nationals. Over the last 10 years the population has decreased at a rate of -3.6%.

, the gender distribution of the population was 49.1% male and 50.9% female. Graubunden in Numbers   accessed 21 September 2009 The age distribution,  , in Poschiavo is; 332 people or 10.3% of the population are between 0 to 9 years old. 222 people or 6.9% are 10 to 14, and 122 people or 3.8% are 15 to 19. Of the adult population, 300 people or 9.3% of the population are between 20 to 29 years old. 433 people or 13.4% are 30 to 39, 413 people or 12.8% are 40 to 49, and 422 people or 13.1% are 50 to 59. The senior population distribution is 389 people or 12.1% of the population are between 60 to 69 years old, 362 people or 11.2% are 70 to 79, there are 197 people or 6.1% who are 80 to 89, and there are 33 people or 1.0% who are 90 to 99.

In the 2007 federal election the most popular party was the CVP which received 32.2% of the vote. The next three most popular parties were the SVP (27%), the SPS (26.8%) and the FDP (12.6%).

The entire Swiss population is generally well educated. In Poschiavo about 69.3% of the population (between age 25-64) have completed either non-mandatory upper secondary education or additional higher education (either University or a Fachhochschule).

Poschiavo has an unemployment rate of 1.21%. , there were 252 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 90 businesses involved in this sector. 456 people are employed in the secondary sector and there are 60 businesses in this sector. 1,073 people are employed in the tertiary sector, with 164 businesses in this sector.

From the , 2,774 or 86.0% are Roman Catholic, while 283 or 8.8% belonged to the Swiss Reformed Church. Of the rest of the population, there are 9 individuals (or about 0.28% of the population) who belong to the Christian Catholic faith,, and there are 14 individuals (or about 0.43% of the population) who belong to another Christian church. There are 2 individuals (or about 0.06% of the population) who belong to another church (not listed on the census), 36 (or about 1.12% of the population) belong to no church, are agnostic or atheist, and 107 individuals (or about 3.32% of the population) did not answer the question.

The historical population is given in the following table:
Year Inhabitants
1850 2888
1860 2742
1870 2890
1900 3102
1910 3676
1950 4034
1980 3294
2000 3225
2005 3487


Most of the population ( ) speaks Italian (90.4%), with German being second most common ( 7.9%) and French being third ( 0.7%). The local dialect is called Pus'ciavin.

Languages in Poschiavo
Languages Census 1980 Census 1990 Census 2000
Number Percent Number Percent Number Percent
German 208 6.31 % 255 8.02 % 255 7.91 %
Romanish 24 0.73 % 22 0.69 % 14 0.43 %
[[Italian language|Italian 91.92 % 2858 89.93 % 2917 90.45 %
Population 3294 100 % 3178 100 % 3225 100 %

Notable residents

The famous pediatrician Guido Fanconi was born in Poschiavo.

Heritage sites of national significance

Church of San Vittore in Poschiavo
The are ten buildings in Poschiavo that are listed as Swiss heritage sites of national significance. Three churches and a chapel are listed; S. Maria Assunta, S. Vittore, S. Carlo Borromeo and Vecchio Monastero con cappella monastica di S. Maria Presentata. There are three houses that are on the list; Casa Tomé, Devon House, and Li Curt House. Finally, there are three buildings now used as museums; Mulino di Aino, Palazzo De Bassus Mengotti, Palazzo Dorizzi.

Casa Tomé is now the Poschiavo town museum. It is an excellent example of the traditional architecture of the Val Poschiavo. During the middle ages it was built as a tower house. By 1450 it had reached its current exterior appearance. While it was built in the village center, it had a structure that more closely matched near by farm houses. Today it houses a museum and houses classes and discussions on traditional farming and food production techniques.

The Mulino di Aino presents several pre-industrial trades. This working museum shows how flour was produced from grain, boards from timber and horseshoes from iron. The baroque Palazzo De Bassus-Mengotti was built in 1655 and expanded over the following centuries. Today it houses a museum. The ground floor houses a collection of farm implements. The first floor is used for temporary exhibits, currently ( ) it houses a collection of paintings by the local artist Fernando Lardelli. The second floor contains exhibits showing everyday life in the valley and emigration from the valley. Val Poschiavo tourism, history and tradition accessed 2 October 2009 The Palazzo Dorizzi houses pieces collected by Christen and Dorizzi (from Basel and Puschlav respectively) in India during 1947-57.


Poschiavo has an average of 99.3 days of rain per year and on average receives of precipitation. The wettest month is May during which time Poschiavo receives an average of of precipitation. During this month there is precipitation for an average of 11.7 days. The driest month of the year is February with an average of of precipitation over 11.7 days.

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  5. , the weather station elevation is 1078 meters above sea level.

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