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The pound, a unit of currency, originated in Englandmarker as the value of a pound mass of silver. Historically, £1 worth of silver coins were a troy pound in mass; as of October 2009 this amount of silver is worth approximately £130.

Today, the term may refer to a number of current (primarily Britishmarker and related) currencies, and a variety of now-obsolete currencies.

Current currencies

Countries where the official currency is called "pound"

*Saint Helenian pound in St Helena, Ascension Islandmarker and Tristan da Cunhamarker;
*Falkland pound in the Falkland Islandsmarker;
*Gibraltar pound in Gibraltarmarker.

  • Other currencies called pound:
*Egyptian pound
*Lebanese pound
*Sudanese pound
*Syrian pound

Historical currencies

*in British Cameroon replaced by the CFA franc in 1961
*in Gambiamarker, replaced by the Gambian pound in 1968
*in Ghanamarker, replaced by the Ghanaian pound in 1958
*in Liberiamarker, replaced by the U.S. dollar in 1943
*in Nigeriamarker, replaced by the Nigerian pound in 1958
*in Sierra Leonemarker, replaced by the leone in 1964

Currencies of the former British colonies in America (replaced by the US dollar)

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