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The Pravetzmarker series 8 computers were Bulgarianmarker-made clones of the Apple II. They were manufactured in the town of Pravetzmarker.

Model line

8-bit architecture

  • IMKO-1 — First Bulgarian personal computer. Has a 6502/1MHz CPU, and 48/12 Kb RAM/ROM. The storage media is a cassette recorder.
  • Pravetz 82 (IMKO-2) - 82 is model year. BASIC interpreter, RAM/ROM - 48/12 Kb; CPU 6502 clone/1 MHz. The storage is improved due to one or (optional) two 5.25" floppy disk drive(s).
  • Pravetz 8М - Military variant. Integrated second CPU Zilog Z80A at 4 MHz can work with CP/M. Features integrated terminal design.
  • Pravetz 8E - Industrial model based on the original Pravetz 82 architecture plus some memory extensions
  • Pravetz 8А - Uses Bulgarian-made chipset СМ 630, memory could be expanded up to 1 Mb, accessible in 64Kb windows.
  • Pravetz 8D - 8 bit home computer, uses TV instead of computer monitor. Not compartible with Pravetz 82 but inherites its architecture from the Oric home computers and compatible with their software
  • Pravetz 8С - cut down 8А, 128Kb RAM integrated, but not expandable. Less number of slots, but integrated Centronics, FDD controlers, Joystick and sometimes with RS-232.

16-bit architecture


These computers were IBM PC compatible:
  • Pravetz-16
  • Pravetz-16T
  • Pravetz-286

32-bit architecture

  • Pravetz-386

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