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The Player of the Month is an association football award that recognises the best Premier League player each month of the season. The recipient is chosen by a panel assembled by the League's sponsor, and announced alongside the Manager of the Month on the first or second Friday of the following month. It has been called the Carling Premiership Player of the Month (1994–2001), the Barclaycard Premiership Player of the Month (2001–2004) and presently it is the Barclays Player of the Month.

The Premier League was formed in 1992, when the members of the First Division resigned from The Football League. These clubs then set up a new commercially independent league that negotiated its own broadcast and sponsorship agreements. The inaugural season had no sponsor until Carling agreed to a four-year deal for £12 million that started the following season. Carling introduced new Manager of the Month and Manager of the Year awards for the 1993–94 season, supplementing the existing Football Writers' Association and Professional Footballers' Association Player of the Year awards. For the 1994–95 season they introduced the Player of the Month award, which was first awarded to Jürgen Klinsmann for his performances in August 1994.

Steven Gerrard has been Player of the Month the most. He has received five of these awards, the first in March 2001 and the most recent in March 2009. Three players have won the award in consecutive months; Robbie Fowler in 1995–96, Dennis Bergkamp in 1997, and Cristiano Ronaldo in 2006. Four individuals have won two awards in a season: Ruud van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry, Wayne Rooney, and Ashley Young, who is also the only player to win the award three times in a calendar year. Robbie Keane has won the award while playing for three different clubs (Coventry City, Leeds United and Tottenham Hotspur). Eight other players have won the award playing for two different clubs. The award has been shared on five occasions: by Blackburn Roversmarker's Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton in November 1994, Liverpool's Robbie Fowler and Stan Collymore in January 1996, Southampton's Kevin Davies and Manchester United's Andy Cole in November 1997, Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp and Edu in February 2004, and by Tottenham Hotspur strikers Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane in April 2007. More than half of the Player of the Month awards have gone to English players, and the majority of foreign winners have been French. Manchester United has had more Player of the month awardees than any other club, and most of the winners have come from the "Big Four" teams. , the most recent recipient of the award is Dutch striker Robin van Persie, who plays for Arsenal.


1994–95 1995–96 1996–97 1997–98 1998–99 1999–2000

2000–01 2001–02 2002–03 2003–04 2004–05 2005–06 2006–07 2007–08 2008–09 2009–10

Award was shared with another player
GK Goalkeeper
DF Defender
MF Midfielder
FW Forward

Month Year Nationality Player Team Position Ref
1994.5 1994 Tottenham Hotspur FW
1994.61994 Newcastle United
1994.71994 Manchester United
1994.81994 Blackburn Roversmarker FW
1994.81994 Blackburn Roversmarker FW
1994.91994 Southampton
1995.11995 Sheffield Wednesday
1995.21995 Everton FW
1995.31995 Leeds United FW
1995.41995 Arsenal
1995.5 1995 Newcastle United
1995.61995 Leeds United FW
1995.71995 Queens Park Rangers
1995.81995 Newcastle United
1995.91995 Liverpool FW
1996.11996 Liverpool FW
1996.11996 Liverpool FW
1996.21996 Aston Villa FW
1996.31996 Manchester United FW
1996.41996 Everton
1996.5 1996 Manchester United
1996.61996 Liverpool
1996.71996 Southampton
1996.81996 Arsenal FW
1996.91996 Chelsea FW
1997.11997 Blackburn Roversmarker
1997.21997 Wimbledon
1997.31997 Middlesbrough
1997.41997 Southampton FW
1997.5 1997 Arsenal FW
1997.61997 Arsenal FW
1997.71997 Derby County FW
1997.81997 Manchester United FW
1997.81997 Southampton FW
1997.91997 Liverpool
1998.11998 Coventry City FW
1998.21998 Blackburn Roversmarker FW
1998.31998 Arsenal
1998.41998 Arsenal
1998.5 1998 Liverpool FW
1998.61998 Newcastle United FW
1998.71998 Manchester United
1998.81998 Aston Villa FW
1998.91998 Tottenham Hotspur
1999.11999 Manchester United FW
1999.21999 Arsenal FW
1999.31999 Arsenal
1999.41999 Everton FW
1999.5 1999 Coventry City FW
1999.61999 Leicester City
1999.71999 Sunderland FW
1999.81999 Liverpool DF
1999.91999 Manchester United
2000.12000 Aston Villa DF
2000.22000 Aston Villa
2000.32000 Manchester United FW
2000.42000 Arsenal FW
2000.5 2000 Leeds United FW
2000.62000 Leicester City
2000.72000 Manchester United FW
2000.82000 Leeds United
2000.92000 Southampton FW
2001.12001 Leeds United FW
2001.22001 West Ham DF
2001.32001 Liverpool
2001.42001 Liverpool
2001.5 2001 Fulham FW
2001.62001 Manchester United
2001.72001 Leeds United DF
2001.82001 Liverpool
2001.92001 Manchester United FW
2002.12002 Ipswich Town FW
2002.22002 Manchester United FW
2002.32002 Arsenal FW
2002.42002 Arsenal
2002.5 2002 Arsenal FW
2002.62002 Arsenal FW
2002.72002 Chelsea FW
2002.82002 Southampton FW
2002.92002 Newcastle United FW
2003.12003 Manchester United
2003.22003 Arsenal
2003.32003 Liverpool
2003.42003 Manchester United FW
2003.5 2003 Portsmouth FW
2003.62003 Chelsea
2003.72003 Newcastle United FW
2003.82003 Bolton Wanderers
2003.92003 Manchester United
2004.12004 Arsenal FW
2004.22004 Arsenal FW
2004.22004 Arsenal
2004.32004 Birmingham City FW
2004.42004 Arsenal FW
2004.5 2004 Arsenal FW
2004.62004 Tottenham Hotspur DF
2004.72004 Crystal Palace FW
2004.82004 Chelsea
2004.92004 Liverpool
2005.12005 Chelsea DF
2005.22005 Manchester United FW
2005.32005 Chelsea
2005.42005 Chelsea
2005.5 2005 Charlton Athletic FW
2005.62005 Charlton Athletic
2005.72005 Chelsea
2005.82005 Arsenal FW
2005.92005 Manchester United FW
2006.12006 West Ham United DF
2006.22006 Bolton Wanderers
2006.32006 Manchester United FW
2006.42006 Liverpool
2006.5 2006 Manchester United
2006.62006 Everton FW
2006.72006 Manchester United
2006.82006 Manchester United
2006.92006 Manchester United
2007.12007 Arsenal
2007.22007 Manchester United
2007.32007 Chelsea
2007.42007 Tottenham Hotspur FW
2007.42007 Tottenham Hotspur FW
2007.5 2007 Manchester City DF
2007.62007 Arsenal
2007.72007 Manchester United FW
2007.82007 Aston Villa FW
2007.92007 Blackburn Roversmarker FW
2008.12008 Manchester United
2008.22008 Liverpool FW
2008.32008 Manchester United
2008.42008 Aston Villa
2008.5 2008 Chelsea
2008.62008 Aston Villa
2008.72008 Chelsea
2008.82008 Chelsea FW
2008.92008 Aston Villa
2009.12009 Manchester United DF
2009.22009 Everton DF
2009.32009 Liverpool
2009.42009 Arsenal
2009.5 2009 Tottenham Hotspur FW
2009.62009 Liverpool FW
2009.72009 Arsenal FW

Multiple winners

The below table lists those who have won on more than one occasion.

  *   Indicates current Premier League player

Rank Player Wins
1st Steven Gerrard* 5
2nd Dennis Bergkamp 4
Thierry Henry
Frank Lampard*
Cristiano Ronaldo
Wayne Rooney*
Alan Shearer
8th Robbie Keane* 3
Paul Scholes*
Ruud Van Nistelrooy
Dwight Yorke
Ashley Young*
13th Nicolas Anelka* 2
James Beattie*
Dion Dublin
Cesc Fábregas*
Tim Flowers
Robbie Fowler
Ryan Giggs*
David Ginola
Andy Johnson*
Roy Keane
Matt Le Tissier
Rob Lee
Danny Murphy*
Teddy Sheringham
Chris Sutton
Fernando Torres*
Robin van Persie*
Tony Yeboah
Gianfranco Zola

Awards won by position

As of 7 November 2009

Position Wins

Awards won by nationality

As of 7 November 2009

Country Wins

Awards won by club

As of 7 November 2009

Club Wins
Manchester United
Aston Villa
Leeds United
Newcastle United
Tottenham Hotspur
Blackburn Roversmarker
Bolton Wanderers
Charlton Athletic
Coventry City
Leicester City
West Ham United
Birmingham City
Crystal Palace
Derby County
Ipswich Town
Manchester City
Queens Park Rangers
Sheffield Wednesday



  1. 74 English wins, 142 awards: =0.521 (52.1 percent)
  2. 27 Manchester United wins, 24 Arsenal wins, 16 Liverpool wins, 12 Chelsea wins, 142 awards: =0.556 (55.6 percent)
  3. Each year is linked to an article on the particular season associated with the month of that year.
  4. Bergkamp shared his February 2004 award with teammate Edu.
  5. Shearer shared his November 1994 award with teammate Chris Sutton.
  6. Keane shared his April 2007 award with teammate Dimitar Berbatov.
  7. Fowler shared his January 1996 award with teammate Stan Collymore.
  8. Sutton shared his November 1994 award with teammate Alan Shearer.
  9. Of the forwards' 69 awards, 9 have been shared.
  10. Of the midfielders' 57 awards, 1 has been shared.
  11. Of the English players' 74 awards, 6 have been shared; Chris Sutton and Alan Shearer in November 1994, Stan Collymore and Robbie Fowler in January 1996, and Andy Cole and Kevin Phillips in November 1997.
  12. Netherlands' Dennis Bergkamp shared his February 2004 award with teammate Edu.
  13. Ireland's Robbie Keane shared his April 2007 award with teammate Dimitar Berbatov.
  14. Brazil's Edu shared his February 2004 award with teammate Dennis Bergkamp.
  15. Bulgaria's Dimitar Berbatov shared his April 2007 award with teammate Robbie Keane.
  16. In November 1997, Andy Cole shared his award with Southampton's Kevin Davies.
  17. Two awards for Arsenal were shared by Dennis Bergkamp and Edu in February 2004.
  18. Two awards for Liverpool were shared by Stan Collymore and Robbie Fowler in January 1996.
  19. In November 1997, Andy Cole shared his award with Southampton's Kevin Davies.
  20. Two awards for Tottenham Hotspur were shared by Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov in April 2007.
  21. Two awards for Blackburn were shared by Chris Sutton and Alan Shearer in November 1994.

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