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The Liga Profesional de Primera División ( ), also known as the Primera División Uruguaya or Primera División de Uruguay ( ), is the top-flight professional football league in Uruguaymarker. It is organized by the Asociación Uruguaya de Fútbol and is contested by 16 teams.



Between 1900 and 1931, the league was an amateur competition. Since 1932, the league has been a professional competition.


After 1994, the competition was divided in two stages, called the Opening Championship (Torneo Apertura) and Closing Championship (Torneo Clausura), with an end-of-season two-legged final match between the winners of these two tournaments.

In the 2005/06 season, the winners of the Apertura and Clausura tournaments played a two (or three) legged playoff; the winner of that playoff played against the best team in the aggregate table to decide the 2005/06 season champion.

In the 2006/07 season, the competition was reduced to 16 clubs.


Originally, like other South American football leagues, the league was contested according to calendar year, from austral summer to summer in Southern Hemispheremarker. In 2005, the league started to play in "European season", from boreal summer to summer in Northern Hemispheremarker starting in August, with the aim of preventing clubs from losing many players in the middle of the season. In the first semester of 2005, a special tournament was held to decide the qualification to international competition.

However, the season of 2008/09 would be the last one to be played in "European season", as the system appeared to be unable to prevent clubs from losing players between Apertura (opening) tournament to Clausura (closing). The system also allegedly qualifies top teams to Copa Libertadores too early, a problem similar to that of the Argentinian League, and there are two transfers periods before the Libertadores, as opposed to only transfer period in December when playing the season according to calendar year. A special tournament will be held in second part of 2009, similar to that of 2005, to decide teams that qualify to Copa Sudamericana 2010. Libertadores teams for 2010 will qualify for last time in winter (2009).

As a side note, Indonesia U-17 competes in the youth system.

Current Teams 2009-10

List of champions

Amateur Era

Amateur champions


  1. There is controversy over CURCC and Peñarol. The official club position claims that these clubs are the same (ratified by AUF that allowed the continuity of CURCC as Peñarol from 1913 to 1914), while rivals Nacional position claims that these clubs are different.
  2. The 1904 championship was not played due to civil war in Uruguay.
  3. River Plate F.C. is a different club from that of C.A. River Plate. (although it seems to be minor controversy on this statement)
  4. Due to internal differences in Uruguayan football, a Uruguayan Federation was created (led by Peñarol) in 1923. The Federation organised two parallel tournaments, one in 1923 won by Wanderers, the other in 1924 won by Peñarol. These tournaments are not recognised by the Uruguayan Football Association as Uruguayan championships.
  5. The 1925 championship was not finished, the Uruguayan government ended the internal difference mentioned above.
  6. In 1926, the Uruguayan championship was played under a Consejo Provisorio (Provisory Council), as the official and dissident Uruguayan Football Associations were reunited. AUF doesn't recognise that championship as official.
  7. The 1930 championship was not played due to the organisation of the first FIFA World Cup in Uruguay.

Professional Era

Year Winner Runner Up Third Place
1932 Peñarol Rampla Juniors Nacional
1933 Nacional Peñarol Rampla Juniors
1934 Nacional Peñarol Wanderers
1935 Peñarol Nacional Wanderers
1936 Peñarol Nacional Rampla Juniors
1937 Peñarol Nacional Wanderers
1938 Peñarol Nacional Central Español
1939 Nacional Peñarol Wanderers
1940 Nacional Rampla Juniors Wanderers
1941 Nacional Peñarol Rampla Juniors
1942 Nacional Peñarol Wanderers
1943 Nacional Peñarol Miramar Misiones
1944 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
1945 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
1946 Nacional Peñarol River Plate
1947 Nacional Peñarol Rampla Juniors
1949 Peñarol Nacional Rampla Juniors
1950 Nacional Peñarol Rampla Juniors
1951 Peñarol Nacional Rampla Juniors
1952 Nacional Peñarol Rampla Juniors
1953 Peñarol Nacional Rampla Juniors
1954 Peñarol Nacional Danubio
1955 Nacional Peñarol Cerro
1956 Nacional Peñarol Cerro
1957 Nacional Peñarol Defensor Sporting
1958 Peñarol Nacional Rampla Juniors
1959 Peñarol Nacional Racing
1960 Peñarol Cerro Nacional
1961 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
1962 Peñarol Nacional Fénix
1963 Nacional Peñarol Wanderers
1964 Peñarol Rampla Juniors Nacional
1965 Peñarol Nacional Cerro
1966 Nacional Peñarol Cerro
1967 Peñarol Nacional Cerro
1968 Peñarol Nacional Cerro
1969 Nacional Peñarol Bella Vista
1970 Nacional Huracán Buceo Peñarol
1971 Nacional Peñarol Liverpool
1972 Nacional Peñarol Defensor Sporting
1973 Peñarol Nacional Danubio
1974 Peñarol Nacional Liverpool
1975 Peñarol Nacional Liverpool
1976 Defensor Sporting Peñarol Nacional
1977 Nacional Peñarol Defensor Sporting
1978 Peñarol Nacional Fénix
1979 Peñarol Nacional Fénix
1980 Nacional Wanderers Peñarol
1981 Peñarol Nacional Wanderers
1982 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
1983 Nacional Danubio Defensor Sporting
1984 Central Español Peñarol Nacional
1985 Peñarol Wanderers Cerro
1986 Peñarol Nacional Central Español
1987 Defensor Sporting Nacional Bella Vista
1988 Danubio Peñarol Defensor Sporting
1989 Progreso Nacional Peñarol
1990 Bella Vista Nacional Peñarol
1991 Defensor Sporting Nacional Wanderers
1992 Nacional River Plate Danubio
1993 Peñarol Defensor Sporting Danubio
1994 Peñarol Defensor Sporting Nacional
1995 Peñarol Nacional Liverpool
1996 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
1997 Peñarol Defensor Sporting River Plate
1998 Nacional Peñarol Bella Vista
1999 Peñarol Nacional Defensor Sporting
2000 Nacional Peñarol Defensor Sporting
2001 Nacional Danubio Peñarol
2002 Nacional Danubio Peñarol
2003 Peñarol Nacional Danubio
2004 Danubio Nacional Defensor Sporting
2005 Nacional Defensor Sporting Peñarol
2005-06 Nacional Rocha FC Defensor Sporting
2006-07 Danubio Peñarol Defensor Sporting
2007-08 Defensor Sporting Peñarol River Plate
2008-09 Nacional Defensor Sporting Cerro

  • The 1948 championship was not completed due to a players strike.
  • C.A Defensor merged with Sporting C.U in 1989, winning the 1991 title as Defensor Sporting.
  • The seasons of 1989 and 2005 were the only ones played in single round roubin (no home and away system)
  • Since 1994 the year champion emerged from either winning one semester and the finals, or the two semesters without needing final games, this last happened in 1998 and 2006/07.

Professional champions

Total of Uruguayan League titles (amateur and professional)

  • There is controversy over CURCC and Peñarol. CA Peñarol claims that both clubs are the same (based on the permission given by AUF that allowed Peñarol to take CURCC's place in the league, from 1913 to 1914). Contesting that are rivals Nacional whose position is that CURCC and Peñarol are different clubs, based on the fact that CURCC stopped activities only in 1915 (so they would have coexisted), with the "new club", Peñarol, only taking CURCC's place in the league.
  • River Plate FC is not the same club than actual CA River Plate, with whom it only shares the colours and name as it is a complete different entity created from the merge of two other clubs (Capurro and Olimpia).
  • Montevideo Wanderers claims 4 titles, represented as 4 stars in the official jersey, although AUF as in the case of Peñarol 1923 title, don't recognize the FUF title won in 1924 and states the 4 star as inaccurate

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