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Princess Fiona is the princess in the films Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and the upcoming Shrek Forever After. Voice-Actress Cameron Diaz plays her, and her singing voice is provided by Renee Sandstrom of Kids Incorporated and Wild Orchid.

Princess Fiona in the Shrek films


In Shrek, Lord Farquaad sends the ogre Shrek to retrieve her to be his bride. When she first appears, she is angered to learn that her rescuer is not her Prince Charming, but an ogre, and that the man who wants to marry her wouldn't come himself. At first, she refuses to travel to Farquaad, but eventually befriends Donkey and develops a bond with Shrek, since they both realise they are more similar then they first thought, and Fiona begins to doubt that Lord Farquaad is her true love. Her dragon guardian later falls in love with Donkey. Through the course of the film, the audience discovers that she is cursed and while she is a human by day, she becomes an ogress at sunset. The spell was placed upon her when she was a child by a Witch. (It is not known whether the Fairy Godmother placed this curse as part of her plan.)

Donkey discovers this when checking on the Princess at night, and Fiona explains the curse. Shrek overhears part of this- with Fiona asking "who could ever love such a hideous, ugly beast?"-, and believes Fiona is referring to him. Angry and upset, Shrek hands Fiona over to Farquaad, and Fiona goes with him willingly as she is upset by Shrek's cold behaviour, although she doesn't seem to like Farquaad on sight. When Donkey later on reveals to Shrek that Fiona was talking about 'somebody else', Shrek rushes off to disrupt the wedding. The curse is lifted at the end, when Fiona is kissed by Shrek and becomes an ogress permanently; while she had expected to become her human self, Shrek assures her that she is still beautiful and the two marry. Then they have a big party and Shrek and Fiona go to a beach on their honeymoon, and a big kariki party, starting the second movie.

Shrek 2

Shrek 2 features her trying to convince Shrek to meet her parents in the kingdom of Far Far Away (resembling the shallowness of Hollywoodmarker). They go, and her Fairy Godmother, who had her locked away in the tower to begin with, still believes she is under the original curse. When the Fairy Godmother finds out that she is in fact married to an ogre, Fairy Godmother plots to kill Fiona's husband so her son, Prince Charming, can marry her. It turns out that there was a semi-complex plan where the Prince Charming, not Shrek, was supposed to rescue Fiona and marry her. It was the King's way of repaying the Fairy Godmother for a favor she had done him while courting Fiona's mother. Fiona is briefly returned to human form after Shrek drinks a "Happily Ever After" potion, which changes both the drinker and their true love into more beautiful forms. To make the change permanent however, she must kiss her true love by midnight. Fairy Godmother tries to get King Harold to give his daughter a love potion so that she'd fall in love with Charming and kiss him to make the potion's effect permanent. Both plans ultimately fail however. Harold, after seeing how much Fiona dislikes Charming, does not give her the love potion. When Shrek tries to kiss Fiona, she tells him that she wants to live happily ever after with the ogre she married. She and Shrek then turn back into ogres, and Donkey turns back into a donkey.

Shrek the Third

In the film, she has to act as the queen of Far, Far Away while her father is ill. When the latter passes away, Shrek sets out to find her cousin Arthur Pendragon (or Artie), and she tells him that she is pregnant (something that she has been hinting at him since the start of the film). While she is having a baby shower, Prince Charming stages an invasion so that he can proclaim himself king of Far Far Away. Fiona organises the resistance with her friends Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Doris the Ugly Stepsister, but Rapunzel betrays them to marry Prince Charming. Thanks to the fighting abilities of her mother, they get out of prison and manage to escape, and the other princesses 'cut loose' and become more independent, Artie ends up making a speech to convince the villains to go straight. In the end, she has ogre triplets with Shrek. This was the only film in the series so far where Fiona is not seen as a human.

Shrek Forever After

Princess Fiona will appear again in the film which will be released in May 2010. Cameron Diaz will reprise her role as the voice of Fiona.

Shrek 4-D

In Shrek 4-D, she is kidnapped by the ghost of Lord Farquaad, who intends to kill her, marry her ghost, and become king of the Underworld. He is later 're-killed' by the Dragon which comes to their rescue. The Dragon then swallows his remains and rubs her full belly until he's fully digested. This was also featured in the CD-ROM that was distributed widely during the showing of Shrek 2 in theatres.

Shrek (In Theatre)

Fiona appears in the stage musical version of the 2001 film which debuted in 2008. She is currently being portrayed by Broadway actress Sutton Foster, who earned a Tony nomination for this role.

In the musical, it is revealed that when Fiona was approximately seven years old, she was sent away to her tower to await the noble prince who would rescue her. Her only company was some old dolls and there was nothing to do but re-read fairy tales about princesses in similar situations (Rapunzel, Snow White, etc.) and learn about proper princess etiquette. Fiona waited twenty years, growing into a strong-willed, feisty and beautiful young woman and despite becoming more and more impatient (even going so far as to have a fit and rip an entire book right down the middle), she never gave up on the fairy tales. When Shrek finally arrived to rescue her, she tries to get him to act out the scene she always imagined would happen when her prince would come, though he ends up having to drag her away to escape the Dragon and her skeletons. Fiona is ecstatic that she is finally free, though confused at first as to why her champion refuses to give her "True Love's First Kiss". She is shocked and angry when Shrek reveals himself to be an ogre, but runs off to a nearby cave when the sun sets. During the finale song "Who I'd Be", she overhears Shrek and Donkey's conversation and is moved. She stands apart from them, alone in the moonlight, in her ogress form.

In Act Two, she wakes up bright and early to greet the day in the show stopper "Morning Person". Her singing accidentally makes a bluebird explode and she accidentally tosses a deer off of a cliff, but when she helps a Pied Piper with his duties, the rats dancing becomes a full-blown tap number, complete with Fiona changing her dress into a sexy dance outfit and leading them. Shrek and Donkey walk in at the end, astounded by what they have seen. Fiona apologizes for her behavior, but she and Shrek begin a duel over whose childhood was worse (Here Fiona reveals that she was sent away on Christmas Eve, angering Shrek, who thought he beat her when he said he was kicked out on his seventh birthday). Upon realizing they were both abandoned at the hands of their parents, they begin a bond, which is sealed in a burping and farting contest between the two of them.

On reaching Duloc, Fiona is reluctant to finally leave her friends and shares one last campfire dinner with Shrek, who mutually doesn't want her to go either. When the sun sets again, she hides in a nearby barn and Donkey finds her in her ogre form. She tells him the story of her curse and begs him not to tell Shrek, because she believes nobody could love her when she looks like such a hideous beast. However, Shrek was outside about to tell her he loved her when he overheard the conversation and thought she was referring to him. The next morning, Fiona decides to tell Shrek, but he has already brought Lord Farquaad to her. She is rather unimpressed with his small stature and egotistical attitude, but accepts his proposal and convinces him to move the wedding to before sunset.

In a song originally in the Seattle previews but removed when taken to Broadway, Fiona prepares for her wedding but is unhappy as she has found the fairy tale ending is not really what she wanted. Before she and Farquaad can share a kiss, Shrek interrupts the wedding and is mocked by Farquaad when he tries to tell her he loves her. Caught between true love and breaking the spell, Fiona tries to run away but is stopped by a mob of fairy tale creatures that Farquaad had previously banished from the kingdom. After it is revealed that Farquaad is a "halfling" (half-human/half-dwarf) the sun sets and Fiona transforms amid the confusion. Shrek, while initially surprised, accepts the change, though Farquaad is furious and banishes her back to her tower when he proclaims himself the new king. The Dragon crashes through the window, swallows Farquaad, and Shrek and Fiona kiss. Fiona undergoes a miraculous transformation ogress. She is surprised that "True Love's Form" isn't as beautiful as she thought it would be, but Shrek still thinks she is beautiful. Everyone celebrates and lives happily ever after.


Princess Fiona is initially portrayed as the archetypal princess from fairy tales, speaking formally in matters of courtship and presenting high expectations of how she is to be rescued, who is to rescue her, and so forth. Later, Princess Fiona's true self emerges, as she is really a very down-to-earth and independent woman who is a match or even better than Shrek when it comes to farting, belching and other bad habits. She is a loyal friend, and unlike princesses of fairy tales, an expert in hand-to-hand combat with knowledge of Chinese martial arts. She also has very bad manners (just like Shrek), since she is an ogre.

When asked if Princess Fiona resembled her, Cameron Diaz remarked how she thought Fiona looked more like her sister than Cameron herself. One report indicates Oprah Winfrey was the model for Princess Fiona.

Fiona, along with other characters from the series, has a MySpace page that was created to promote Shrek the Third. According to the page, she is 22 years old, which is 86 years younger than her husband Shrek (age 108). One theory for this may be that Fiona started out as a human and therefore ages normally, while Shrek, being an ogre from the start, ages differently.

Other information

Early storyboards of an alternate opening shows that she was originally born an ogress to her human parents who were the rulers of Duloc. They had her locked in the tower under the lie that she was "of such rare beauty" she was kidnapped. They died, and the kingdom was under the rule of "an ambitious regent" - hinted to be Farquadd. When she 'became of age' to ascend the throne she escaped the tower and encounters a witch named Bib Fortuna (a reference to the Star Wars character of the same name) - who has narrated the entire sequence through her tarot cards. She gave Fiona a potion which would make her beautiful, however the potion has no affect. But Fortuna warns her the potion has a side effect - she will change between her human and ogress form until she finds her true love. Later she was whisked away by her dragon guardian and returned to the tower.)


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